Tuesday Night Diner Show #8: Seven days makes one weak!

This is from a series of blogs I wrote when I was part of Recharged Radio, based in London, UK. I did the radio show called The Tuesday Night Diner. It later changed to The California Diner. I was known as “Chef Mike”. This article was originally posted 1/26/2010.

Sometimes, you put a playlist together, and the theme writes itself. Honest, I didn’t plan this, but as I got into the show, I found out that I had several songs which had days of the week as their titles, the band’s name, or hidden somewhere in the lyrics themselves. Weird, and kinda nerdy…but good.

But not to worry—this week’s show has much more going for it than just that. Jordan flew Isaac’s Aircraft all the way here to Sacramento for a great Bands in the Basement session. He speaks with Martin and Zak about their recent tour to Germany, and in true Tuesday Night Diner fashion, they mention food at German weddings—yum! And we’ll hear one of their recent tracks, as well.

Speaking of California—and even if we weren’t, we are now—another lucky person gets an honorary California citizenship bestowed on them. Not only that, but she requested her own version of climate change, and I happily complied. Huh? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out.

Finally—more musical goodness coming out of Northern California. When it rains, it pours—both literally and figuratively. A couple of legendary Sacramento musicians—Anton Barbeau and Allyson Seconds—are making their Tuesday Night Diner debuts with songs off of their new albums. We Sacramentans can’t keep Anton all to ourselves—so he makes his home in the UK most of the year. We just request to have visitation rights with him once a year, and I got to meet with him and Allyson a few days ago. If you like Robyn Hitchcock, you’ll probably feel a kinship with Anton. Allyson just completed a great pop project called Bag of Kittens, and the Go National guitarist and background vocalist steps up to the microphone and takes the lead for the first time in her career. All I can say is, “it’s about time!”

So that’s about it. Stop reading, and set your clocks for 8-10 p.m. GMT on Tuesday (noon-2 p.m. Pacific), at http://www.rechargedradio.com. I hope you can join the fun!


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