Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #565 – 9/29/2012: Herb Eimerman interview!

Kevin Seconds – Masterpiece Unfinished
Swidenbank – Back Home
Braam Brothers – Carasol Alone
Maxi Dunn – Change The Record
Buffy Stewart and Davy Jones – Daydream Believer
Nushu – Good Girls Don’t
Herb Eimerman Interview
The Britannicas – Got A Hold On Me
The Britannicas – Will Someone Cover Your Fall
The Britannicas – Too Far Gone
Last Breath – It’s My Time
Laurie Biagini – Sanctuary Of Sound
Lannie Flowers – Another Weekend
The Lemonheads – The Outdoor Type
Skip Heller – Skip A Rope
The Corner Laughers – Chicken Bingo
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Forestiere Gardens
Melissa Phillips – So Young
Felsen – Mary You Could Be Happy
Lindy LaFontaine – Alizee
Poplord – I’d Fall Down
Ruby Free – Slow Parade
Throwback Suburbia – Sinking Feeling (Ray Of Hope)
Nelson Bragg – She Used To Love Me
The Handcuffs – Kiss This Goodbye


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #564 – 9/22/2012: John Borack interview!

Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Beyond Belief
Melissa Phillips – Centralia
Bud Rogers – Caught In A Wheel (acoustic)
Maxi Dunn – Why Do I Want You?
Sue Leonard – Bye Baby
Colin Heppell – Poltergeist In High Heels
John Borack Interview
Popdudes – High
Popdudes – Catherine
Popdudes – Face The Sun
Jimmy Catlett – Red, White and Black
Bob Welch – Ebony Eyes
Laurie Biagini – Two Of A Kind
Throwback Suburbia – It’s You
Sparklejet – The World Before Longitude
The Britannicas – Too Far Gone
Allyson Seconds – Bag Of Kittens
Allen Clapp & his Orchestra – All Or Nothing
The Corner Laughers – 8:18
Laurie Larson – I Find More
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – RedWhite&BlueSoBlue
Sal Valentino – Catherine I Do
Jet Electro – 100 Girls
Vegas With Randolph – The Better Part

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #563 – 9/15/2012: Lannie Flowers interview!

The Artist & Me – Faded Giants
Graham Parker – And It Shook Me
Bud Rogers – Santa Monica Sunshine
Skip Heller – Let’s Stay Home
Maxi Dunn – Watching The Stars
Ass Ponys – Astronaut
Lannie Flowers Interview
Lannie Flowers – Another Weekend
Lannie Flowers – Give Me A Chance
Lannie Flowers – You Yeah You
Laurie Biagini – Sunburn
Sound Sessions – Hearts Beat A Rhythm
Sam Phillips – Wheel Of The Broken Voice
Felsen – BFF OMG
Throwback Suburbia – Get Her Off My Mind
Natalie Cortez & the Ultraviolets – Three Times
Mark Bacino – Happy
The Dashing Suns – Sally Moore
The Britannicas – Got A Hold On Me
Ivory Tower Project – My Name
The Corner Laughers – (Now That I Have You) I’m Bored
Braam Brothers – Jupiter and Mars
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Clever Things (unplugged)
Jet Electro – Buckle Up
Nushu – Happy Hour
Ruby Free – Bongos And Beards

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #562 – 9/8/2012

Sue Leonard – Bye Baby
Elvis Costello and the Attractions – I Hope You’re Happy Now
Michael Lee – New State Of Mind
Nelson Bragg – Steel Derrick 1979
Maxi Dunn – Pull You Down
Swidenbank – It’s Different For Girls
Yo La Tengo – Here Comes My Baby
Jason How – See Judy Smile
OMC – Right On
Cult Of Wedge – The Trouble With Armageddon
Poplord – I’d Fall Down
Laurie Biagini – Leave Me Alone
Runway 27, Left – Clean Slate
Joe Symes and the Loving Kind – Where Do I Belong
Vegas With Randolph – Salt Water Taffy
Little Guilt Shrine – Exit Flagger
Lannie Flowers – I Didn’t Know
Vinnie Zummo – Take The Cream
Lindy LaFontaine – Alizee
Ivory Tower Project – Burning
Candyskins – Monday Morning
Strange Arithmetic – Extra Crazy With Stupid On Top
Braam Brothers – Carasol Alone
The Corner Laughers – I’d Rather Count Cormorants With You
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Who’s Got A Light?
The Handcuffs – Everybody Waves Hello
Throwback Suburbia – Caroline

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #561 – 9/1/2012: Laurie Biagini visits the Twirl Studios in Sacramento!

Beth Thornley – You’re So Pony
The Big I Am – Banging On The Wall
Bud Rogers – Caught In A Wheel (acoustic)
Maxi Dunn – Weather Warning
Laurie Biagini Interview
Laurie Biagini – A Far-Out Place (Laurie’s pick)
Anny Celsi – Tangle-Free World (Laurie’s pick)

Sound Sessions – Baby’s Just An Avatar
Lannie Flowers – Give Me A Chance
Ruby Free – Tiny Stars
Nick Lowe – Burning
Laurie Biagini Interview
Soundserif – John Titor (Laurie’s pick)

The JAC – I Play All The Instruments
Three Minute Tease – Thanks For Lifting My Leg
Throwback Suburbia – It’s You
Mary Lee’s Corvette – More Stupider
Laurie Biagini Interview
Laurie Biagini – The California Quake (Laurie’s pick)

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Sun Up
The Taters – We Can Work It Out
The Corner Laughers – (Now That I Have You I’m) Bored
Vegas With Randolph – Supergirl
Laurie Biagini Interview
Donovon Frankenreiter – Free (Laurie’s pick)
54-40 – Easy To Love (Laurie’s pick)

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