The following are some friends of Twirl Radio–we suggest you check them out!

Soundwaves TV–Long running San Francisco-based music show and website has expanded to include Twirl Radio! Check out KGO radio’s Dennis Willis and company–and the company he keeps includes several longtime KFOG personalities who have brought their shows to Soundwaves! (I guess that makes us stablemates!)

Woody Radio–Gidget Bates Marusak and Boris Boden run this wonderful no rules, no holds barred music station. Each DJ there has an amazing knowledge and love of music. And full disclosure–I do a weekly radio show there. And fuller disclosure–Twirl Radio replays there as well!

Riveting Riffs Magazine–Music, arts, and lifestyle interviews and reviews.

The World According To Rich–Rich Samuels examines the world of new media.


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  • Twirl Radio is a part of the Soundwaves TV network

  • Mike Lidskin and Twirl Radio are proud to be a part of Woody Radio

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