Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #809 – 1/13/2018

Enjoy this picture of my new headphones!

Today’s show started out one way, but turned into something else, equally as good. We were supposed to interview outsider folk singer-songwriter Amy Annelle, but circumstances beyond our control prevented that. But we did get to hear a couple of her songs, including her cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Buckskin Stallion Blues”–which appeared in the Golden Globe Best Film, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”! So we’re going to reschedule our chat with Amy sometime in the near future.

So what did the show turn into? A two hour feast of some great indie rock ‘n’ roll! And even the tunes by the not-so-indies were pretty great and unusual. Also–I had the chance to test out some new headphones that I acquired this week, so the show sounds even better than ever–to me, at least!

But stick close, my friends. Next week is the special 20th Anniversary edition of Twirl Radio. And two weeks after that: the annual Twirlie Awards show!

Artist | Track | Album
The Clash | London Calling | London Calling
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | RedWhite&BlueSoBlue | Pop Songs & Kyries
Sunshine Boys | Schoolyard Bully | Single release
Adam Marsland | This Is Madness | Bulé
Maxi Dunn | Make It Better | The Neglected Gambit
Bud Rogers | Starman | Starman
Lloyd Cole | To The Lions | Don’t Get Weird On Me, Babe
Amy Annelle | Benefit Of The Doubt | The Great Unveiling
Amy Annelle | Buckskin Stallion Blues | The Great Unveiling
The Bottle Kids | The Only Heart That I Can See | Let Me In On This Action
The JAC | Time Machine | Faux Pas
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 | Adventure Rocket Ship | Ole! Tarantula
Death Of Samantha | Conviction | If Memory Serves Us Well
Juliana Hatfield | Sellout | Please Do Not Disturb
Anton Barbeau | Milk Churn In The Morning | Antronica 2
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Mistakes | Mistakes
Celsi, Bragg & Maitland | To Her Door | The Road To Glasgow
Gretchen’s Wheel | The Price | Sad Scientist
Duncan Faure | The Day That I Found Love | 4
Frank Black | Fazer Eyes | Teenager Of The Year
Jody Porter | Waking Up (Is Hard To Do) | Pacifier
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Take You Home | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Air Running Backwards | Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 & 1
Lannie Flowers | All Dressed Up | LIVE in NYC
Walker Brigade | DIsEASE | Therapy Animal
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Hate People | Make It Be
Karla Kane | Grasshopper Clock | King’s Daughters Home For Incurables
Richard X. Heyman | Her Garden Path | Incognito


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #808 – 1/6/2018: Vic’s Picks: A conversation with Victor Erwin of Spyderpop Records!

Victor Erwin

We started off the first show of 2018 with a bang–a chat with Victor Erwin of Spyderpop Records, of Arlington, Texas! I’ve known Vic for about four years, and I’ve been wanting to get him on the show ever since the day we met. We were hanging out in Texas, enjoying barbeque and beers, and chatting for hours about music. Next day, we were at the Spyderpop Records office, watching music videos (loudly), and listening to music (loudly), and talking about music (at a moderate volume).

Vic’s Pick

Vic eats, drinks, breathes, sleeps, works, and plays music. His love for music is contagious and endearing. So we’re going to kick off the occasional series, “Vic’s Picks” (much like the blog series he does in the News section of Spyderpop’s website: Vic’s Picks at Spyderpop Records). Today’s topic was the watershed musical year of 1977, and specifically, the three punk bands who led the way: The Ramones, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, and I suspect you did too.

Spyderpop records is a great champion of amazing independent rock and roll, and you should check out some of their offerings:

Artist | Track | Album
Matt North | A Good Day In Nashville | Above Ground Fools
Maxi Dunn | Don’t Look Back | Welcome To Soonville
The Rubinoos | That Thing You Do | 45
The Bottle Kids | Her Heart Is Much Worse Than Her Bite | Let Me In On This Action
Bud Rogers | Pictures Of A Modern World (Acoustic) | Single release
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Chandler Travis, King Of The World | Let’s Have A Pancake
Sunshine Boys | Billy Boy | Single release
Karla Kane | The Lilac Line | King’s Daughters Home For Incurables
Allyson Seconds | Little World | Little World
Anton Barbeau | Magazine Street | Natural Causes
DIG | Don’t Surrender | Single release
Syd Straw | Racing To The Ruins | Surprise
Plasticsoul | Keeping A Light On | Therapy
The Who | I Need You | A Quick One

Victor Erwin with Vic’s Picks: Punk rock, the class of 1977
The Ramones | Sheena Is A Punk Rocker | Single release
The Sex Pistols | Pretty Vacant | Single release
The Clash | Complete Control | Single release

Lannie Flowers | Kiss A Memory | Single release
Chris Church | Fall Into Me | Limitations Of Source Tape
Gail George | A Wonderful Life | Bloom
Duncan Faure | Man Of A Thousand Dreams | Anthology
Desario | Wayside | III
Felsen | Private Airline | Blood Orange Moon
Gene Loves Jezebel | IZITME | Dance Underwater

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #807 – 12/16/2017: Special guest cohost DJ Gidget of Woody Radio!

DJ Gidget Bates

Today’s show is the final live Twirl Radio show of 2017, so we went out with a fun show. My very special guest cohost was none other than DJ Gidget Bates of Woody Radio! I’d been wanting to get her back on the show for a few years, and the opportunity presented itself, so we made the most of it. We spent an hour playing music, and engaging in, er, a “free-ranging, unmoderated” conversation. To say the least. There’s a reason I like listening to Gidget on her radio shows, and it was fully evident today–she can talk about anything, and make it sound fun and interesting. Her enthusiasm for independent music is infectious. Now I enjoy a good conversation myself, and honest to goodness, we didn’t really plan any of this out–so the topics flowed easily. We covered everything from burritos to DNA ancestry testing, all the way to the non-existent private parts of steers! Oh–and music too!

Gidget brought along some music for us to play–a couple of Christmas songs, and she gave us the great honor of announcing her top two favorite tracks of 2017, right on the show!

I’ve been a fan of Woody Radio for the past several years, and always admired their passion for music. The DJs there are all incredibly knowledgeable, and very real. Gidget has occasionally hinted that I’d be welcome there if I ever wanted to join them, and recently, I took the plunge. I’ve started my own show there (twice monthly, 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights), and was welcomed with open arms and brought into the fold. It’s a lovably quirky station, and Gidget is the ringleader. I’m proud to call myself a member of the Woody Radio family.

Artist | Track | Album
Maxi Dunn | Always Be My Friend | Welcome To Soonville
The Who | Don’t Look Away | A Quick One
Last Breath | It’s My Time | Uncovered
The Smithereens | Now And Then | Blow Up
The Cherry Bluestorms | As Above So Below | Bad Penny Opera
Fun Of The Pier | Possible | 14:42
Elton John | Grow Some Funk Of Your Own | Rock Of The Westies

DJ Gidget cohosting segment
The Dollyrots | Last Christmas | Single release
Stevie Wonder | Someday At Christmas | Single release
Cult Of Wedge | Pop Musik | Single release
Mike Collins/Kyle Vincent | Sign Me Up | Single release
The K-7s | The Never Ending Love | Single release

Lannie Flowers | Tired Of Being Alone | New Songs Old Stories
Duncan Faure | Wouldn’t It Be Good | Anthology
Nushu | Here’s To Feeling Free | Hula
Felsen | Private Airline | Blood Orange Moon
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Three Times | Twitch!
Richard X. Heyman | Everybody Get Wise | Incognito
XTC | Melt The Guns | English Settlement

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #806 – 12/9/2017: Jody Porter interview!

Jody Porter

On today’s show, we got to meet Jody Porter. You might recognize him as the guitarist from Fountains of Wayne. He’s currently staying in the UK, so we had an in-depth, middle of the night chat about his 2017 solo album Pacifier, a really great listen. He explained the concept behind the album, and we learned of his influences, how the album came together, and some exciting news about what he’s working on next. There’s a lot of depth to this album, and not only are the songs good, they sound great. The album was mixed on tape at Abbey Road Studios (yes, THOSE Abbey Road Studios), and Jody was incredibly pleased with the results. More info at

Artist | Track | Album
Desario | Formula One | III
Karla Kane | King’s Daughters Home For Incurables | King’s Daughters Home For Incurables
The Welcome Matt | My Town | More Empire Days
The Catbirds | Pajama Pants Baby | Catbirds Say Yeah
Maxi Dunn | Tangled Tree | The Neglected Gambit
Cirrone | Just Tell Me | Uplands Park Road

Jody Porter interview
Jody Porter | Valerie Sometimes | Pacifier
Jody Porter | Armageddon Blues | Pacifier

The American Professionals | The Story | Sympathetic Overdrive
Chris Church | Be My Nuisance | Limitations Of Source Tape
The Smithereens | Hand Of Glory | Especially For You
Edward Rogers | She’s The One | TV Generation
The Crushing Violets | Going To California | Starless Sky
Sunshine Boys | Schoolyard Bully | Single release
Gene Loves Jezebel | Summertime | Dance Underwater
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | Stamps | Make It Be
John Wesley Harding | The World (And All Its Problems) | The Name Above The Title
Duncan Faure | Machine From The Other Side | Machine From The Other Side
Celsi, Bragg & Maitland | To Her Door | The Road To Glasgow
Old 97’s | Big Brown Eyes | Too Far To Care
Lannie Flowers | Favorite Song | LIVE in NYC
The Bye Bye Blackbirds | Alfred Starr Hamilton | Take Out The Poison
Heiskell | Hurtin’ On You | Emotional Terrorism

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #805 – 12/2/2017: Interview doubleheader: Speed The Plough & Lost Bayou Ramblers!

Speed The Plough

On this show, we took a virtual field trip to two very interesting regions of the country for our interviews: New Jersey and New Orleans!

In the first hour, we chatted with Toni and John Baumgartner of venerable indie psych-folk band Speed The Plough! They started in the 1980s, but after a long hiatus, have been on a pretty regular recording schedule these past 5 or so years. Their new album, “And Then” (following the last release, “Now”–see what they did there?), releases this week. It was a perfect chance to catch up with them and listen to a couple of tracks off of this really diverse record. Diversity? Well, the sound ranges from quietly acoustic to full band, with occasional woodwinds and electronic sounds, so they’ve got that covered. And speaking of covers–they cover Brian Eno and a 150 year old Hungarian folk song on the same record! More info at

Lost Bayou Ramblers

In the second hour–we finally get our chance to visit with Louis Michot of Cajun-rock band Lost Bayou Ramblers. Our timing was perfect for this one too, because it turns out that the band just got nominated for a Grammy Award this past week! The new album, “Kalenda”, delves into the sounds of Louisiana. For those of us not too familiar with the area, it really gives us a taste of how deep and wide the culture is there. Louis’ answer to one specific question I asked, “What is Kalenda”, pretty much summed up the whole interview and reason for the album. Kalenda is a significant cultural reference in Louisiana. More info at

Also on today’s show: a groovy holiday track from The Bobbleheads, some very early pre-release music from Anton Barbeau (his Natural Causes album doesn’t come out until next April), and we debut The Crushing Violets on our show!

My next show will be on Woody Radio this coming Tuesday, December 5th, from 8:00-11:00 p.m. Pacific, at

Artist | Track | Album
Anton Barbeau | Magazine Street | Natural Causes
The Crushing Violets | Shake | Starless Sky
Maxi Dunn | Everything | Edmund & Leo
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Christmas Sale | The Underground Garden
The Bobbleheads | Groovy Time Of Year | Single release
Bud Rogers | Pictures Of A Modern World (acoustic) | Single release
Jody Porter | Waking Up (Is Hard To Do) | Pacifier

Interview with Toni & John Baumgartner of Speed The Plough
Speed The Plough | Take Me | And Then
Speed The Plough | The Bitter End | And Then

The JAC (Christmas Crew) | A Petty XMAS (Parts 1 & 2) | Single release
Celsi, Bragg & Maitland | The Second Summer Of Love | The Road To Glasgow
Heiskell | Still Life With Broken Heart | Emotional Terrorism
Duncan Faure | In The Right Place | Anthology
Gail George | A Wonderful Life | Bloom
Lannie Flowers | Another Weekend | New Songs Old Stories
Chris Church | Understudy Blues | Limitations Of Source Tape

Interview with Louis Michot of Lost Bayou Ramblers
Lost Bayou Ramblers | Sabine Turnaround | Kalenda
Lost Bayou Ramblers | Cote Clair Waltz | Kalenda

Felsen | White Denim Jeans | Blood Orange Moon

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #803 – 11/18/2017: Interview with Thor Harris of Thor & Friends!

Thor and Friends

Today’s show was supposed to have been an interview doubleheader, but alas, sometimes things happen. Today’s “thing” was a fire alarm in the KUBU 96.5 FM building, which forced me to cut short my phone call with Louis Michot of Lost Bayou Ramblers, even before the interview started. I had to evacuate from the building for several minutes, but eventually was let in, to finish up my show. So we will reschedule with him in a couple of weeks.

So here’s what did work right: we got to chat with Thor Harris of avant garde musical collective Thor & Friends! They create some peaceful, yet challenging, sonic landscapes. Thor actually builds some of the instruments himself, when he’s got a specific sound he’s looking for. Their new album, “The Subversive Nature of Kindness”, was recorded without any ego involved, but with three collaborators working together to create something peaceful and soothing for an agitated world to listen to. More information at:

I also made a radio announcement at about 15 minutes into the show: I will be starting a second radio show at Woody Radio! I will be joining my friends over there, starting this coming Tuesday, November 21st, from 8:00-11:00 p.m. Pacific time. It will be a music show, similar to Twirl, and it will broadcast live on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Big thanks to DJ Gidget, who offered me this shot on the radio. Give a listen to it, and to the other great rock music programs there, at

Artist | Track | Album
The Cherry Bluestorms | Daisy Chain | Transit Of Venus
The Beauty Shop | Personal Jesus | Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen, Volume Three
Bud Rogers | Fight Or Flight | Starman
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | Stamps | Make It Be
Maxi Dunn | Weather Warning | The Neglected Gambit
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians | Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) | RESPECT

Interview with Thor Harris of Thor & Friends
Thor & Friends | Carpet Creeps | The Subversive Nature Of Kindness
Thor & Friends | 90 Metres | The Subversive Nature Of Kindness

Celsi, Bragg & Maitland | To Her Door | The Road To Glasgow
Gene Loves Jezebel | IZITME | Dance Underwater
The Pengwins | Go Away (Nervous Mix) | Single release
Gail George | Out Of Sight | Bloom
Duncan Faure | World Stood Still | Anthology
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Mistakes | Mistakes
The Armoires | Responsible | Incidental Light Show
The Welcome Matt | Boutique City | More Empire Days
Lost Bayou Ramblers | Rice Pump | Kalenda

(Podcast ends here, due to fire alarm. Once safely back in the building, I played the following songs on the radio, but did not get a recording of this portion of the show):

Adam Marsland | Mau Ke Mana | Bulé
Vegas With Randolph | Above The Blue | Above The Blue
Matt North | I Sold It All | Above Ground Fools
Felsen | Lay Kenneth Lay | Accidental Drowning
Sunshine Boys | Schoolyard Bully | Single release

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #802 – 11/11/2017: Interview with Jerome Mazza of Pinnacle Point!

Jerome Mazza

On today’s show, we got to meet hard rocker Jerome Mazza, of Pinnacle Point! Jerome’s had a really interesting music career, having sung commercial jingles for such well known companies as Coors and Pizza Hut. His all time favorite musical influence has been Steve Walsh of Kansas.

Well, in this amazing musical year of 2017, two great things happened for Jerome. He started up his own band, Pinnacle Point, which is a transatlantic collaboration with Torben Enevoldsen, who lives in Denmark. Their debut album, Winds of Change, features Jerome’s soaring vocals and keyboards, Torben’s searing guitar work, propulsive drumming and some great violin interplay. It’s easy to hear the Kansas influences, yet Jerome and Torben bring their own sound to the mix.

Steve Walsh Black Butterfly album

One fine day, After Winds of Change was recorded, Jerome was awakened to a phone call, inviting him to work on Steve Walsh’s next solo album. After making sure he was really awake and not dreaming, he jumped into the process, singing lead vocals on three of the tracks and duetting with Steve on a fourth–a career peak for him, to be sure. On today’s show, we’ll hear a Steve Walsh track and a couple of Pinnacle Point tracks.

Artist | Track | Album
Frank Black | Two Reelers | Teenager Of The Year
According To Bazooka | I Was Surprised | Where We Are Now
Maxi Dunn | Why Do I Want You? | The Neglected Gambit
Mike Collins & Kyle Vincent | Sign Me Up | Single release
Cirrone | All Right All Night | Kings For A Night
Steve Walsh | Dear Kolinda | Black Butterfly

Jerome Mazza interview
Pinnacle Point | Homeward Bound | Winds Of Change
Pinnacle Point | Winds Of Change | Winds Of Change

Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Sunshine Boys | Billy Boy | Single release
My Little Hum | Geography Lesson | Remembering Houses
Duncan Faure | Lies And Promises | 4
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Am The Best For You | Make It Be
Chris Church | Bell The Cat | Limitations Of Source Tape
Lannie Flowers | Everything A Man Could Want | Single release
Natalie Cortez & the Ultraviolets | You Dear | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Heiskell | Abandoned Property | Emotional Terrorism
Gretchen’s Wheel | Left Turn | Sad Scientist
Matt North | Miss Communication | Above Ground Fools
Felsen | Private Airline | Blood Orange Moon
Bellygunner | Medicine | Machine Gun Built For Two

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