Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #782 – 5/27/2017: Josh McCaslin of Roselit Bone interview!

Roselit Bone

On today’s show, we chatted with Josh McCaslin of Portland band Roselit Bone. The 10 piece(!) band’s new album, Blister Steel, is both bleak and listenable all at once. That’s an honor I don’t ascribe to just anybody. Each song is a carefully constructed mini movie soundtrack. Each sets the scene, and the blend of genres is just stunning. You’ll hear rockabilly, ranchera, surf, and punk–sometimes all in the same song! There’s horns, steel guitars, tons of reverb and echo, coupled with crooning and howling. There’s dystopian waltzes and skewered honky-tonk. This album may not be anything like what you hear on commercial radio–but I think you need to hear this. It will open your mind to what happens when genres crash to form new music.

More info at:

Artist | Track | Album
The Armoires | Responsible | Incidental Light Show
Duncan Faure | Back To The Day | 4
Gail George | Follow Your Bliss | Follow Your Bliss!
Cirrone | It’s Gonna Be The Right Time | Kings For A Night
Maxi Dunn | Meteor Shower | Edmund & Leo
Identical Suns | Goldeneye | Songs. Bond Songs.

Josh McCaslin interview
Roselit Bone | By The Glint Of Your Horns | Blister Steel
Roselit Bone | My First Name | Blister Steel

Lannie Flowers | Everything A Man Could Want | Single release
Brian Cullman | Memphis Madeline | The Opposite Of Time
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | She’s Better | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Lisa Said | Peel The Moon | Estranged
The Jeremy Band | Hit You With A Flower | Hit You With A Flower
honeychain | Welcome To My Life | Crushed
Edward Rogers | Burn N Play | Glass Marbles
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Am The Best For You | Make It Be
The Mysteries Of Life | I Like You | Bad Advice
Gretchen’s Wheel | Wish | Sad Scientist
The Welcome Matt | The Man In The Golden Tower | More Empire Days
Anton Barbeau | High Noon | Magic Act
The The | Slow Emotion Replay | Dusk
Plasticsoul | Biff Bang Pow | Therapy


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #781 – 5/20/2017: Skip Heller/Spike Sikes interview/performance!

Skip Heller / Spike Sikes in the Twirl Studio

On today’s show, Skip Heller and Spike Sikes treated us to a great in-studio performance! Skip’s played in most every genre known to man, and even did a stint in NRBQ! He’s also the guy that Tish Hinojosa calls when she and “Flaco” (and really, how many Flacos do you know?) need a guitarist! Spike is the classic utility man–he can play anything, but his main axe is the electric keyboard. Skip lives in Hollywood, Spike lives in the Bay Area–and their paths crossed in Sacramento on their way to recording a new album as a duo. The songs they played for us are all brand new, original compositions of theirs. Enjoy the music! More info at: Skip Heller’s Hollywood Blues Destroyers and Spike and Friends.

Artist | Track | Album
Sparklejet | UR A Dope | Single release
Lisa Said | Some Dudes | Estranged
The Who | Sparks (Live at Woodstock) | The Kids Are Alright
Maxi Dunn | Take It Or Leave It | Edmund & Leo
Cirrone | Everything’s Fine Now | Kings For A Night
Heiskell | Just Can’t Say | Arriving
Girls On Grass | What They Wrought | Girls On Grass

Skip Heller and Spike Sikes interview/performance
Skip Heller and Spike Sikes | Algiers Ferry Blues | In studio performance
Skip Heller and Spike Sikes | Ain’t Nothing To See Here | In studio performance
Skip Heller and Spike Sikes | When I Hear Louis Sing | In studio performance
Skip Heller and Spike Sikes | Lonely For You | In studio performance

Lannie Flowers | James Bond Theme | Songs. Bond Songs.
honeychain | Some Boys Lie | Crushed
Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Take You Home | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Blake Babies | From Here To Burma | Earwig Demos
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | If You See Kay | Make It Be
Kim Rancourt | Claudine | Plum Plum
Plasticsoul | Babylon | Therapy
Gretchen’s Wheel | The Price | Sad Scientist
The Welcome Matt | My Town | More Empire Days
Bellygunner | Negative Kid | Machine Gun Built For Two
Ruby Free | Superstar | Shades

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #780 – 5/13/2017: Walker Brigade interview!

Walker Brigade

On today’s show, we welcomed the great L.A. band Walker Brigade! I’ve been enjoying their brand new album Therapy Animal, which touches on the harder edges of power pop, while still keeping the melodies at the forefront. All four members of the band were in on the interview: Tracy Landecker, Mark Fletcher, Jeff Charreaux, and Craig Tyrka. I got to learn such juicy tidbits as where the name of the band came from, and why they covered a song featured in the Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles”! Their collective musical influences are pretty wide-ranging–everybody from Mick Ronson, X-Ray Spex, Jefferson Airplane, Mission of Burma, and even swing jazz and drum and bugle corp music figure into their mix! You can find out more here: Walker Brigade on CD Baby

Artist | Track | Album
Cirrone | All Right All Night | Kings For A Night
According To Bazooka | Don’t Want To Let It Go | Easy Come, Easy Go
The Pengwins | Suicide | Single release
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Going Back To Work Tomorrow | Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 & 1
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | The Girl In The Camera Obscura | Teasers From The Whispermaphone
Gail George | You Are There | The Barrio Sessions
The Taters | New Girlfriend | Taters Party

Walker Brigade interview
Walker Brigade | I Wanna Destroy You | Therapy Animal
Walker Brigade | I’m Tired | Therapy Animal
Walker Brigade | DIsEASE | Therapy Animal

Maxi Dunn | How Was I To Know? | Welcome To Soonville
Matt North | Seventeen Days | Above Ground Fools
The Feelies | Turn Back Time | In Between
Allyson Seconds | Little World | Little World
Felsen | Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Today | Breaking Up With Loneliness
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Hate People | Make It Be
Gretchen’s Wheel | Blank Slate | Sad Scientist
The Mysteries Of Life | Coat Of Arms | Bad Advice
Duncan Faure | The Day That I Found Love | 4
Ruby Free | Lonelier Than Me | Shades
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Sleeping With Me | Mistakes
The Welcome Matt | Feel Something | More Empire Days
Plasticsoul | All Died Pretty | Therapy

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #779 – 5/6/2017: Banjo Bones in-studio interview/performance!

Pepe Espada of Banjo Bones

Not too many bands have taglines. The following come to mind: The Beatles: “The Fab Four”, or The Clash: “The Only Band That Matters”. Today’s guests, Sacramento band Banjo Bones, have a tagline too: “The Dark Side Of Americana”. It’s a great description that tells you everything about their sound.

On today’s show, Pepe Espada of Banjo Bones returned to our Sacramento studios, and brought along Giorgi Khokhobashvili, the band’s violinist! They treated us to a dramatic live performance, and we also got to hear some tracks from their brand new album Cowboy Dreams. The album is the finest in Banjo Bones’ catalog–so far. It’s simply sublime, and well thought out. For more info about the band, the album, and the upcoming CD release show at Sacramento’s Blue Lamp, check out

Artist | Track | Album
Plasticsoul | Therapy | Therapy
The Feelies | Stay The Course | In Between
Allyson Seconds | Sun Don’t Shine | Little World
Pacific Soul Ltd | Blue Summertime | The Dance Divine
Daniel Trigger | Remember When | Army Of One
Maxi Dunn | Always Be My Friend | Welcome To Soonville
honeychain | Messy Love | Single release
Ruby Free | Start Of Something Big | Shades
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | Stamps | Make It Be
Gretchen’s Wheel | Wish | Sad Scientist

Banjo Bones interview
Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Banjo Bones | Your Medicine Is Bad | Live version
Banjo Bones | Sin Again | Live version

The Welcome Matt | Come Alive | More Empire Days
Lannie Flowers | Give Me A Chance | New Songs Old Stories
Gail George | Fool’s Paradise | Follow Your Bliss!
The JAC (with Maria Sokratis) | Jackson | Drugs, Trucks & Jesus
Duncan Faure | Back To The Day | 4
Irene Peña | Not From Around Here | Single release
The Armoires | Fort Ashby | Incidental Light Show

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