2009 Twirlie Award Winners

Well, the votes are in, the winners have been named, and the tearful acceptance speeches have been made. We had a great time on Saturday, January 31st, 2009 during the 2009 Twirlie Awards. For the record, here is the complete list of Twirlie recipients. Check out these wonderful artists by clicking on their names. Give their music a listen. If you like what you hear, please support them and buy some of their music, so they can keep it going!

Album of the Year
Mad Tea Party | Found A Reason

Song of the Year
Laurie Larson | Endless Thank You Loop

Male Vocalist of the Year
Allen | Simple Things

Female Vocalist of the Year
Katelyn Berreth | Sunrise Goodbyes

Best Songwriting
Kaz Murphy | Home For Misfits

Best Debut Album
Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen | Parasols and Pekingese

Best Ear Candy
Jimmy Catlett | The Big Beat

Most Eclectic Album
The K’s | Can’t Get It Together

Spirit of Twirl Award
The G-Men | Turn On The Twirl (theme song)

Best On Air Music Performance
The Taters | Cat In The Window

Noteworthy Album
Chancellorpink | Valentine Parade

Noteworthy Album
Kama Linden | Better Late Than Never

Noteworthy Album
Cy Taggart | It’s Alright

Noteworthy Album
Laurie Biagini | Ridin’ The Wave

Noteworthy Album
Heather Waters | Propeller

Most Interesting Talk
Marshall Jenkins | Aviation People Talk (radio show)

Best News Coverage
Suzanne Benorden | Rock the Future Festival Coverage

Best Political Coverage
Greg Baldwin | Election 2008

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