Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #653 – 8/30/2014

Maxi Dunn – I Mean That
The Hipwaders – Kings & Queens
Sarah Stanley – Tuesday Girl
The Bottle Kids – Guitars In The Sky
The Spampinato Brothers – Let Him Think On That
Bud Rogers – Pictures Of A Modern World
Little Guilt Shrine – What I’m Thinking
Sam Phillips – Pretty Time Bomb
Jason Berk – Nobody Walks
The Corner Laughers – Stonewords
The Click Beetles – Tell Me How You Feel
Debora Iyall – Be My Last
REM – Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Eric Peter Schwartz – Other Women And Men
Felsen – Lay Kenneth Lay
Robyn Hitchcock – Alright, Yeah
The Cherry Bluestorms – Wear Your Love Like Heaven
The Paul & John – Inner Sunset
Laurie Biagini – Crazy People On The Internet
The Undecided By Default – Object Of My Desire
Sparklejet – I’m An Airplane
Duncan Faure – Machine From The Other Side
The Rubinoos – Hurts Too Much
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Parade
Sexfresh – Dilemma
The Britannicas – The Moment Passed
Bellygunner – Kilobyte
Lannie Flowers – Favorite Song (live)


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #652 – 8/23/2014: In studio interview with The Corner Laughers!

Corner Laughers interview
The Corner Laughers – Chicken Bingo
Preoccupied Pipers – Snaketown
Anton Barbeau – Drinkin’ Horn
The Corner Laughers – Midsommar
The Corner Laughers – Our House
Agony Aunts – Back To Back Bill
Honey Wilders – More Than This
Maxi Dunn – How Was I To Know?
Jason Berk – (One Eye On) Rockville
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
Buck Owens – Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass
Vegas With Randolph – The Better Part
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Sun Up
The Britannicas – Lyin’ On The Ground
Nelson Bragg – She Used To Love Me
The Cherry Bluestorms – A True Heart Wears A Thorny Crown
Lannie Flowers – Back Of A Car
The Catbirds – Who’s Sorry Now
Duncan Faure – Billy In The Big Band
Bellygunner – Medicine
Felsen – Tierra Del Fuego

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #651 – 8/16/2014

Dara Ackerman – Just When I Thought
Braam Brothers – Hail Violet
Maxi Dunn – Why Do I Want You?
Vox Pop – Must Be A Word
Bud Rogers – Digital Love
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Forestiere Gardens
Sam Phillips – Standing Still
Emperors Of Wyoming – Bittersweet Sound
Eric Peter Schwartz – Milky Way
Lannie Flowers – Give Me A Chance
The Scratch – Teen Idol
The Cherry Bluestorms – Baby, You’re A Rich Man
Laurie Biagini – Monkey Business
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Chandler Travis, King Of The World
Joe Symes and the Loving Kind – Fallen Down
Richard X. Heyman – Call Out The Military
Poplord – Flower Bomb
Lisa Mychols – Summertime Dream
The Britannicas – Bleed Between The Lines
Little Guilt Shrine – One Two
Sue Leonard – Who Wrote This Book On Love
The Orange Peels – Bicentennial Bridge
Duncan Faure – Leaves
The Corner Laughers – Midsommar
Bellygunner – Heldtogetherbyasinglestitch
Note To Self-Don’t Die! – This Is London Calling
Yorktown Lads – Cool Shoes, Bro
The Click Beetles – Glad
Life In 24 Frames – Poor Rich Man

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #650 – 8/9/2014: Rockin’ Tot Rock with Karla Kane!

The Orange Peels – 9
Bellygunner – Negative Kid
The Bottle Kids – Yes You Can
Maxi Dunn – Take It Or Leave It
Deborah Gee – Naked
Bud Rogers – Hello

Tot Rock, curated by Karla Kane
The Corner Laughers – Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)
The Hipwaders – Come To California
Alison Faith Levy – Itsy Bitsy Spider
Andy Z – Drink More Water
Gustafer Yellowgold – Four Leaved Clover
Charity And The JAMband – Loving Kindness
The Sugarplastic – Don’t Look Down
Frances England – Jacques Cousteau
The Rubinoos – Earth #1
Andy Z – Alien Girlfriend

The Taters – Thingamajig
Emperors Of Wyoming – Cruel Love Ways
The Britannicas – Sign Out
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – The Girl In The Camera Obscura
Duncan Faure – Machine From The Other Side
Eric Peter Schwartz – Other Women And Men
Lannie Flowers – Turn Up Your Radio (live)
The Handcuffs – This Is A Test

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #649 – 8/2/2014: In studio interview with Life In 24 Frames!

Yorktown Lads – Something To Write About
The Paul And John – Can’t Be Too Careful
Felsen – Generals And Majors
Sparklejet – Somewhere Along The Way
Bud Rogers – Pictures Of A Modern World
Maxi Dunn – Make It Better
Melissa Phillips – Centralia
Life in 24 Frames Interview
Life in 24 Frames – Eureka
Life in 24 Frames – Wardrum
Life in 24 Frames – Poor Rich Man
Note To Self-Don’t Die! – Glitter In Their Eyes
The Britannicas – A Shag And A Cup O’ Tea
The Corner Laughers – Laughing Stars
KCDC – Put The Year Away
Duncan Faure – England Doesn’t Sleep
Laurie Biagini – Run To The Sun
The Handcuffs – Kiss This Goodbye
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Nature Boy
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – RedWhite&BlueSoBlue
honeychain – I’m On Fire
The Cherry Bluestorms – As Above So Below
The Click Beetles – Tell Me How You Feel

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