Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #604 – 7/27/2013: Melissa Phillips and James De Prato interview!

The Undecided By Default – Object Of My Desire
Willie Wisely Trio – True
Olivia Mancini – The Strangest Things
Bud Rogers – Wildflower
Maxi Dunn – Everything
The Catbirds – Who’s Sorry Now
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – The Girl In The Camera Obscura
Melissa Phillips and James DePrato Interview
Melissa Phillips – Centralia
Melissa Phillips/James DePrato (live) – Waiting Around
Melissa Phillips – So Young
Laurie Biagini – Rise Up
Agony Aunts – Cool Fresh Nights
Bay City Rollers – Turn On The Radio
A Fragile Tomorrow – Long Time To Be Happy
Jabe Beyer – Pour That Wine
Melissa Phillips/James DePrato (live) – The Boat Song
Sparklejet – Northern Land
The JAC – 6 Days On The Road
Lannie Flowers – You, Yeah You
Felsen – Greetings From The Ghost Of Heavy Metal Rock And Roll
Melissa Phillips – On The Verge
Melissa Phillips/James DePrato (live) – Your Heavy Heart


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #603 – 7/20/2013: Lisa Mychols interview!

Red Union Blue – If It Makes You Happy
Chandler Travis Three-O – One Step Forward
Swidenbank – Different For Girls
Maxi Dunn – Dragonfly
Felsen – I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore
Ezra Furman – That’s When It Hit Me
The Orange Peels – Bicentennial Bridge
Lisa Mychols Interview
Lisa Mychols – Better Than Nothing
Lisa Mychols – Foolin’ The World
Lisa Mychols – Stay Till Tomorrow
Felsen – Rock and Roll’s Not Dead
Antonette G – My Horseshoe
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Christmas Sale
Agony Aunts – Back To Back Bill
Melissa Phillips – Centralia
Duncan Faure – In The Right Place
The Bottle Kids – Yes You Can
Vegas With Randolph – Cool Change
Laurie Biagini – Castle Of Sand
Popdudes – Magnet And Steel
Anny Celsi – Citybird
Lannie Flowers – I Didn’t Know
Sparklejet – Somewhere Along The Way
The JAC – Faux Pas

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #602 – 7/13/2013: Neverwonder interview!

Poplord – Flower Bomb
Agony Aunts – Family Drugs
Bud Rogers – Setting Sun
The Darling Buds – Fall
Maxi Dunn – Change The Record
Nelson Bragg – She Used To Love Me
The Catbirds – I’m Only You
Neverwonder Interview
Neverwonder – Help Me
Neverwonder – Let It Out
Neverwonder – Spinning
Agony Aunts – You’re So Vague
Sexfresh – True
The Taters – Pageboy
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – The Girl In The Camera Obscura
La Fleur Fatale – How Long Is Too Long
Anny Celsi – Au Revoir, My Darling
Olivia Mancini – The Strangest Things
Drivin N Cryin – Clean Up
Sparklejet – Son And Brother
Sam Phillips – Pretty Time Bomb
Laurie Biagini – Beautiful World
The JAC – Sin City
The Tuesday Club – Oh Daddy Please
Braam Brothers – Hail Violet
Sue Leonard – Who Wrote This Book On Love

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #601 – 7/6/2013: Lily Chapin (Chapin Sisters) interview!

The Catbirds – Catbirds Say Yeah
Bay City Rollers – Turn On The Radio
Felsen – Generals And Majors
Maxi Dunn – Watching The Stars
Swidenbank – Coming Up For Air
Antonette G – Crown Of Frowns
Colin Heppell – Poltergeist In High Heels
Lily Chapin Interview
Chapin Sisters – Sigh, Cry, Almost Die
Chapin Sisters – All I Have To Do Is Dream
Chapin Sisters – Crying In The Rain
Kaz Murphy – Boomerang
Cult Of Wedge – Another Ten Songs About Death Hurt and Misery
Laurie Biagini – Run To The Sun
The Orange Peels – Grey Holiday
Lannie Flowers – Dance With Me
Lisa Mychols – Better Than Nothing
Sparklejet – I Give
The JAC – When You Find Out
Vegas With Randolph – Supergirl
Sam Phillips – You Know I Won’t
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – 8 1/2 Ice Skaters
Al Green – Call Me
Melissa Phillips – On The Verge
Willie Wisely Trio – National Council Of Jewish Women’s Thrift Store
The Corner Laughers – The Perfect Weather

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