Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #827 – 5/26/2018: Interview doubleheader with Dave Weckerman of The Feelies/Yung Wu, and Jesse Ainslie!

Dave Weckerman of The Feelies and Yung Wu

This week’s show featured a pair of interviews. We started off with Dave Weckerman, percussionist of the legendary New Jersey band The Feelies. The Feelies have always been known for their propulsive, minimalist sound, and have amassed quite a following outside their local area–that’s why folks like me have heard of them and enjoyed their music over the years. Back in 1988, they started doing side projects, and spin-off groups. The first of these was Yung Wu–pretty much the same Feelies lineup, but led by Dave Weckerman, who wrote most of the songs on their album “Shore Leave”. Well, things being as they were, the original vinyl album went out of print. The great Bar/None Records decided to re-release Shore Leave this year, and now, it’s finally available for we lovers of excellent indie music. I had a fun little chat with Dave about the album, and we played a couple of tracks from it. You should get it for yourself, and support this great band and great record label.

Jesse Ainslie

In the second hour, I had the chance to meet Jesse Ainslie. The former Phosphorescent guitarist and vocalist started his career in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina punk rock scene. He traveled the country for a couple of years, migrated to New York City, and then, about a year ago, migrated again to yet another musical capital, Los Angeles. He even had the distinction of playing on stage with Willie Nelson. How do you follow that up? Well, he just released his first proper solo record, “Only In The Dark”, and it is really good. Mixing rock ‘n’ roll with some Americana influences, it ventures into some personal themes for Jesse. Soundwise, if you think Neil Young and Crazy Horse, you’re kind of in the right neighborhood. It’s a strong record jam packed with great songs, so check it out here:

Oh–and we also heard new music from Lisa Mychols, played song 6 of 6 from Krista D’s ep, and even heard from Little Jimmy Giant’s dad, Big Jimmy! I’d say we got our money’s worth out of the two hours we’re allotted each week for Twirl.

Artist | Track | Album
Lisa Mychols | Domino | Sugar
The Gold Needles | My Summer’s Angel | Pearls
Pugwash | Everyone Knows That You’re Mine | Silverlake
Krista D | You & Me | Look At Me I’m Krista D
Bud Rogers | Caught In A Wheel | Whiteout
Maxi Dunn | Always Be My Friend | Welcome To Soonville

Dave Weckerman interview
Yung Wu | Spinning | Shore Leave
Yung Wu | Big Day | Shore Leave

Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Alchemy C’mere | MAKE
Lannie Flowers | Good | Single release
Gretchen’s Wheel | Tatyana | Black Box Theory
Steve Barton | Gimme Your Hand | Tall Tales & Alibis 3
Duncan Faure | All At Once | Pronounced “Four-Uh”
Sunshine Boys | Caroline Yes | Blue Music
Little Jimmy Giant | I Think You Think I Think So | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Anton Barbeau | Magazine Street | Natural Causes

Jesse Ainslie interview
Jesse Ainslie | Back To Texas | Only In The Dark
Jesse Ainslie | Only In The Dark | Only In The Dark


Aircheck: Mike Lidskin guest hosting on The William Fuller League of Musical Detectorists, 5/23/2018

I had the rare chance to do a fill-in show at KUBU 96.5 FM on a weekday. My friend Bill Fuller, of The William Fuller League of Musical Detectorists, a very excellent show, took some time off, and entrusted me with his timeslot. I kept to his usual format, but played music from my collection. I had a really fun time. Here is the playlist and an aircheck of today’s show. (Note: the aircheck contains all the station IDs, and is pretty much how it went down live, warts and all.)

Track | Artist | Album
No. 29 External Youth | John Entwistle | Smash Your Head Against The Wall
Have Love Will Travel | HUGElarge | HUGElarge
Levitate The Pentagon | Steve Barton | Tall Tales And Alibis 1
There Goes Another One | Sunshine Boys | Blue Music
Captain Dry | Robyn Hitchcock | You & Oblivion
Plans | Gretchen’s Wheel | Black Box Theory
Stamps | R. Stevie Moore/Jason Falkner | Make It Be
True | Sexfresh | Vacancy
These Troubled Times | Richard X. Heyman | Incognito
Personal Jesus | The Beauty Shop | Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen Vol. 3
Fazer Eyes | Frank Black | Teenager Of The Year
Cuts You Up | Peter Murphy | Deep
Leg | Bettie Serveert | Palomine
Disambiguation | Anton Barbeau | Natural Causes
The Cut | Serena Jost | Up To The Sky
Goldfinger | Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | MAKE
Heart Gets Broken By The Song | The Orange Peels | Trespassing
Sleeping With Me | Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Mistakes
Funhouse | Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Glamping
Futurecast Theme | Futurecast | The Fowl Tone Sampler
I’ve Been Waiting | Lannie Flowers | Altered Sweet: A Tribute to Matthew Sweet
Going To California | The Crushing Violets | Starless Sky
Long Days Gone | Trip Wire | Cold Gas Giants
She’s The One | Edward Rogers | TV Generation
The World Before Longitude | Sparklejet | Single release
25 Lines | Elk City | Everybody’s Insecure
Feel Something | The Welcome Matt | More Empire Days

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #826 – 5/19/2018: Interviews with Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Warren Bishop!

Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

On this show, we had the privilege of chatting with both the legendary Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and the local musical stalwart Warren Bishop. We also previewed the Twirl Radio Pop Fest ’18, which was held the following day. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s take it one piece at a time.

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. has had an illustrious career, from being a founding member of Jellyfish, through his work with Beck, and producing many others. He’s also found time for a solo career, and just relased a wonderful four song EP called “Glamping”. We chatted about his unorthodox writing process–which sometimes takes years–and heard a couple tracks off of Glamping. We also discussed his new fan outreach, through PledgeMusic, where you can find all sorts of vinyl reissues, and his newer material as well, and gain some insight into his artistic process.

Warren Bishop

Warren Bishop has been a mainstay of the Sacramento music scene for many years. He’s been in many bands of his own, from Mojo Filter all the way through his current one, Blame The Bishop. But he also is the sound engineer for the venerable Sacramento music venue Old Ironsides (which opened its doors for the first time, pretty much the day after Prohibition ended, in 1933). And he’s the first to lend a helping hand to other musicians, and promote what they’re doing. In other words, he’s a Sacramento music champion. So we spent an hour together just talking about the live music scene, and playing some of the music that’s influenced him.

And speaking of Warren, Blame The Bishop was one of five bands on the bill at the Twirl Radio Pop Fest ’18, held on May 20. The Blue Note Brewing Company graciously invited us back, and this time, since the spring weather in the Sacramento area was super nice, the stage was on the inviting patio. So I spent a half hour playing music from the bands on the bill–Trip Wire, The American Professionals, Blame The Bishop, The Bobbleheads, and Desario. It was a nice blend of San Francisco and Sacramento bands, and they all hung out and got to hear each other’s music. They were all well received by the friendly Sunday afternoon crowd.

Oh–and lest we forget–this is a double show. Bill Fuller, who does the show right before Twirl, The Longhair Detectorists Guild, was off, and invited me to expand into his time slot for the day. So big thanks to him for letting me do a big show!

Artist | Track | Album
Freedy Johnston | Trying To Tell You I Don’t Know | Can You Fly
Arrica Rose & The …’s | Whole Lotta Lows | Low As The Moon
Wade Johnson | You Know It | Single release
Elk City | Ride The Slide | Everybody’s Insecure
Right Said Fred | Upon My Heart | Up
Plasticsoul | Therapy | Therapy

Warren Bishop interview
Blame The Bishop | These Are The Days | New And Used
The Telefones | I Knew The Bride | The Telefones
NRBQ | At The Drive In | Grooves In Orbit
The Flat Five | Almond Grove | A World Of Love And Hope
Cockeyed Ghost | Ginna Ling | Daylight Kissing Night
50 Watt Heavy | Ashtrays | 50 Watt Heavy

Twirl Radio Pop Fest segment
The American Professionals | Falling Down | Sympathetic Overdrive
Desario | Formula One | III
The Bobbleheads | Who’s Gonna Love You | Make Yourself Happy
Trip Wire | I’m Not The Enemy | Cold Gas Giants
Blame The Bishop | Happiest Unhappy Girl | New And Used
The Bobbleheads | Bedazzler (Redux) | Make Yourself Happy
Desario | Parking Lot | III

Two Dollar Pistols | Gettin’ Gone | You Ruined Everything
Jody Porter | By Your Side | Pacifier
Maxi Dunn | The Last To Know | Welcome To Soonville
Chris Church | Bell The Cat | Limitations Of Source Tape
Daniel Trigger | Rock N Roll Party | Right Turn
The Babys | Isn’t It Time | Anthology

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. interview
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Operator | Glamping
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | I’m Not Your Cowboy | Glamping

The Pengwins | Go Away (Nervous Mix) | Single release
HUGElarge | Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White | HUGElarge
Gretchen’s Wheel | The Maze | Black Box Theory
Sparklejet | The World Before Longitude | Single release
Krista D | Black Eyed Susan | Look At Me I’m Krista D
Jason Berk | (One Eye On) Rockville | Coming Home
The Beatles | Good Morning Good Morning (Take 8) | Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary Edition
Duncan Faure | Where Is The Music | Pronounced “Four-Uh”
Sunshine Boys | Only A Million Miles | Blue Music
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Take A Look At The Stars | MAKE
Lloyd Cole | Tell Your Sister | Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe
Tawny Thiele | Happy Together | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Pugwash | Easier Done Than Said | Silverlake
Lannie Flowers | Lost In A Daydream | Single release
Elton John | Grow Some Funk Of Your Own | Rock Of The Westies

Twirl Radio Pop Fest ’18–Sunday, 5-20-2018, 1-6 p.m. at the Blue Note in Woodland, CA!

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #825 – 5/12/2018: Michael Simmons interview!

Michael Simmons

Today’s show featured an interview with Michael Simmons. I’ve known the sparkle*jets u.k. and Popdudes frontman for several years, but never before had him on the show. He’s just released an amazing solo album, “First Days of Summer”, and we used that auspicious occasion to talk about this tour de force through the world of pop music. There’s breezy summer songs to play with your car windows rolled down. There’s crunchy rock ‘n’ roll, a la Cheap Trick. There’s even a rap song, which admonishes young artists to do full albums, and not just give away singles for free. The great thing about this album is that no two songs sound alike, and Michael’s vocals are varied and diverse. He doesn’t even sound like the same singer from song to song. His stylistic range is enormous. We had a lively and intelligent chat about all things music. I’d strongly urge you to pick up First Days of Summer; it’s a fun listen all the way through.

We also busted out the latest batch of 2018 music arrivals, which included Sunshine Boys–their Blue Music album just landed in my mailbox, and it is special. Also in this batch are The Gold Needles, Daniel Trigger, Krista D, Pugwash, Gretchen’s Wheel, and David Myhr, all of whom are making 2018 a year to remember. Enjoy the show!

Artist | Track | Album
Sunshine Boys | There Goes Another One | Blue Music
The Gold Needles | Not Tonight Josephine | Pearls
Daniel Trigger | Days Gone By | Right Turn
Maxi Dunn | Don’t Look Back | Welcome To Soonville
Jackpot | Adventures Galore | F+
The Judybats | La Dulcinea | Pain Makes You Beautiful

Michael Simmons interview
Michael Simmons | Rudderless Day | First Days Of Summer
Michael Simmons | Dirt Nap | First Days Of Summer

Sunshine Boys | Caroline Yes | Blue Music
Krista D | Penny For Your Thoughts | Look At Me I’m Krista D
Pugwash | The Perfect Summer | Silverlake
Ass Ponys | Earth To Grandma | Electric Rock Music
Duncan Faure | Machine From The Other Side | Machine From The Other Side
Mark’s Men | Where Were You Last Night | The Fowl Tone Sampler
David Myhr | My Negative Friend | Lucky Day
Gretchen’s Wheel | Plans | Black Box Theory
Anton Barbeau | Mumble Something | Natural Causes
Skip Heller & Spike Sikes | Ain’t Nothing To See Here | Sacramento
Elk City | 25 Lines | Everybody’s Insecure
Lannie Flowers | Give Me A Chance | LIVE in NYC
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Is It All A Dream | Glamping
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | She’s Better | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #824 – 5/5/2018: Busting out more new music!

Enjoy this shot of me relaxing in the Twirl studios while playing all that new 2018 music.

In recent weeks and months, we’ve done so many interviews, that today’s show was a nice chance to take a breather, and just play some songs. Lots of them. And the cool part is the the new 2018 music keeps rolling in, either in my mailbox, my inbox, or sometimes, people just hand me a disc. So we busted out brand new tracks by such artists as Krista D., Daniel Trigger, Lannie Flowers, Michael Simmons, Gretchen’s Wheel, Poplord, Blake Jones & The Trike Shop, The Orange Peels, and more. It’s an embarrassment of musical riches–except that I’m not embarrassed, and neither should you be! Enjoy all this wonderful music, and by all means–please support the artists in any way you can. Buy their music. Go to their shows. Talk them up on social media. Do it now. I’m waiting…okay–enjoy the show!

Artist | Track | Album
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | American Affluenza | Catnip Dynamite
Fun Of The Pier | Cavern Song | 14:42
Piramid Scheme | No More, Anymore | Get Rich Quick Too
Edward Rogers | She’s The One | TV Generation
Krista D | Land Mine | Look At Me I’m Krista D
Daniel Trigger | Running Into The Wind | Right Turn
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Going Back To Work Tomorrow | Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 & 1
Banjo Bones | Your Medicine Is Bad | Cowboy Dreams
Maxi Dunn | Change The Record | Edmund & Leo
Gene Loves Jezebel | Charmed Life (Never Give In) | Dance Underwater
The Judybats | Saturday | Down In The Shacks Where The Satellite Dishes Grow
Lannie Flowers | Good | Single release
Ass Ponys | Under Cedars And Stars | The Known Universe
Julian Cope | Adam & Eve Hit The Road | 20 Mothers
The Cherry Bluestorms | Baby, You’re A Rich Man | Transit Of Venus
Duncan Faure | All At Once | Pronounced “Four-Uh”
Michael Simmons | Rudderless Day | First Days Of Summer
Los Lobos | Mas Y Mas | Colossal Head
Gretchen’s Wheel | Imp | Black Box Theory
Spygenius | Get Over Yourself | Pacéphale
The Orange Peels | Running Away | Trespassing
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | You Dear | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Make A New Day | Make
Elk City | Ride The Slide | Everybody’s Insecure
Poplord | Kill Me | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Desario | Down Among Them | III
Anton Barbeau | Mumble Something | Natural Causes
Steve Barton | The Day My Baby Went Blind | Tall Tales & Alibis 3

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