Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #824 – 5/5/2018: Busting out more new music!

Enjoy this shot of me relaxing in the Twirl studios while playing all that new 2018 music.

In recent weeks and months, we’ve done so many interviews, that today’s show was a nice chance to take a breather, and just play some songs. Lots of them. And the cool part is the the new 2018 music keeps rolling in, either in my mailbox, my inbox, or sometimes, people just hand me a disc. So we busted out brand new tracks by such artists as Krista D., Daniel Trigger, Lannie Flowers, Michael Simmons, Gretchen’s Wheel, Poplord, Blake Jones & The Trike Shop, The Orange Peels, and more. It’s an embarrassment of musical riches–except that I’m not embarrassed, and neither should you be! Enjoy all this wonderful music, and by all means–please support the artists in any way you can. Buy their music. Go to their shows. Talk them up on social media. Do it now. I’m waiting…okay–enjoy the show!

Artist | Track | Album
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | American Affluenza | Catnip Dynamite
Fun Of The Pier | Cavern Song | 14:42
Piramid Scheme | No More, Anymore | Get Rich Quick Too
Edward Rogers | She’s The One | TV Generation
Krista D | Land Mine | Look At Me I’m Krista D
Daniel Trigger | Running Into The Wind | Right Turn
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Going Back To Work Tomorrow | Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 & 1
Banjo Bones | Your Medicine Is Bad | Cowboy Dreams
Maxi Dunn | Change The Record | Edmund & Leo
Gene Loves Jezebel | Charmed Life (Never Give In) | Dance Underwater
The Judybats | Saturday | Down In The Shacks Where The Satellite Dishes Grow
Lannie Flowers | Good | Single release
Ass Ponys | Under Cedars And Stars | The Known Universe
Julian Cope | Adam & Eve Hit The Road | 20 Mothers
The Cherry Bluestorms | Baby, You’re A Rich Man | Transit Of Venus
Duncan Faure | All At Once | Pronounced “Four-Uh”
Michael Simmons | Rudderless Day | First Days Of Summer
Los Lobos | Mas Y Mas | Colossal Head
Gretchen’s Wheel | Imp | Black Box Theory
Spygenius | Get Over Yourself | Pacéphale
The Orange Peels | Running Away | Trespassing
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | You Dear | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Make A New Day | Make
Elk City | Ride The Slide | Everybody’s Insecure
Poplord | Kill Me | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Desario | Down Among Them | III
Anton Barbeau | Mumble Something | Natural Causes
Steve Barton | The Day My Baby Went Blind | Tall Tales & Alibis 3


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  1. Thanx so much for playin us again!

    Cheers Ed

    Sent from my iPad


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