Sounds of Silence?

Amazing how the technology works these days. On November 4th, yours truly managed to figure out a way to knock Twirl off the air with the simple press of just one key! Yes–we blew a chance to broadcast that day. What you heard was a filler music program (not bad, either), provided by the Voice in case radio DJs make stupid mistakes, or fail to show up.

Not willing to rest on one’s laurels, I trumped the “success” of the 4th the following week, on November 11th. I not only managed to knock my show off the air, but this time, it was replaced by sheer and utter silence! I hate to get cocky and arrogant, but I’m getting pretty good at this radio silence thing. Hmmm…

But I’m really trying to let the third time be the charm. I have a great set of music lined up for you, which I’ve been trying to play for the last two weeks. We’ll see if Twirl #287 gets off the ground this coming Saturday, November 18th. Did you miss me? I missed you! Sheesh! We’ll see you then!


Featured Artist November 2006: Lionel Lodge

I’m getting the biggest kick out of singer-songwriter Lionel Lodge’s live album with Rens Newland and their Rock Quartet. It’s all cover tunes, performed in one of the local vineyards/winebars in Vienna, Austria, where this Canadian expatriate calls home. It starts off with a rollicking version of the Beatles “With A Little Help From My Friends”. As I listened, I noticed that along with the two guitars and drums, the “bass” sounded a little brassy, almost like the “bass” player somehow figured out a way to make little “toot” noises on his instrument. Then I realized (and had confirmed for me by the liner notes) that there was no bass player in this band, but rather, a tuba(!) player (Markus Weissenbach). A tuba! TUBA! These guys know how to have fun, and this is one of those rare live albums that made me feel like I wish I was at that concert. An incredibly successful collection of cover tunes. I’m not a big fan of cover tunes, unless they lend something new to the song. Well, the something new is Lionel’s warm, soulful voice, Rens’ stunning guitar work, the tuba, and the great intangible–the energy produced and shared when good musicians feed off of each other. Lionel and company also paid tribute to REM, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Hook, and many others. This album has it all!

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