Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #690 – 6/27/2015: Chandler Travis interview!

Chris Isaak – I’m Not Sleepy
The Corner Laughers – Midsommar
The Legal Matters – Rite Of Spring
Maxi Dunn – Always Be My Friend
Bud Rogers – Pictures Of A Modern World
The Spampinato Brothers – I Say Good Day Goodnight
Burnt Taters – Waiting Game

Chandler Travis interview
The Chandler Travis Three-O – Air, Running Backwards
The Catbirds – The Crutch Of Music
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Graciously

Duncan Faure – The Day That I Found Love
Crooked Flower – Too Broke To Fix
Jet Electro – Luck
INXS – Beautiful Girl
Melissa Phillips – So Young
The Jangle Band – This Soul Is Not For Sale
The Chevelles – Stardust
DC Cardwell – Something Worth Voting For
Play Date – Cardboard Box
The Clash – The Right Profile
The Rubinoos – Party Insurance
Gail George – Be Okay
Felsen – Mary You Could Be Happy
Lannie Flowers – Another Weekend (live)


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #689 – 6/20/2015

Chuck Prophet – Play That Song Again
The Incredible Casuals – I’ll Do Anything
The Legal Matters – The Legend Of Walter Wright
Juliana Hatfield – Live On Tomorrow
Two Dollar Pistols – Gettin’ Gone
Maxi Dunn – Tangled Tree
Bud Rogers – Hello
The Rubinoos – Countdown To Love
Gail George – He’s An Exclamation
Sean O’Brien – Stumblebum
The Cherry Bluestorms – Baby, You’re A Rich Man
Eric Peter Schwartz – Through The Floor
Play Date – Stevie The Fox
Frank Black – This Old Heartache
Poplord – All I Ever Wanted (Clams cover)
Laurie Biagini – My Little SUV
Duncan Faure – Back To The Day
The Corner Laughers – Queen Of The Meadow
Echo And The Bunnymen – Stormy Weather
Lannie Flowers – Favorite Song
B.J. Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Jimmy Catlett – The Big Beat
Felsen – BFF OMG
The Jangle Band – Kill The Lovers
The Handcuffs – Half A Mind
Bellygunner – This Tree
Elliot Schneider – I’m Back In The USA
Lisa Mychols – Summertime Dream
Spanic Boys – Keep On Walking
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Christmas Sale

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #688 – 6/13/2015

Lisa Mychols – Hearts Beat In Stereo
Teen Men – The Sea, The Sea
Maxi Dunn – I’m Only Here Because Of You
Lannie Flowers – Up All Night
Three Minute Tease – MTV Song
Bud Rogers – In The Line Of Fire
The Bobbleheads – Mean Girls
Emily Zuzik – The Biggest Mistake
The Paul & John – When I Lost My Way
The Replacements – Alex Chilton
Gail George – You Are There
Kip Boardman – Truth & The Idiot
The Click Beetles – Tell Me How You Feel
Maple Mars – Borrowed Sunshine
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – The Girl In The Camera Obscura
The Corner Laughers – Octavia A
Trini Lopez – If I Had A Hammer
Little Guilt Shrine – One, Two
Felsen – All You Gotta Do Is Smile
Devo – Blockhead
Chandler Travis Three-O – The Person You Deserve
The Handcuffs – This Is A Test
The Bye Bye Blackbirds – Waiting For The Drums
Duncan Faure – The Day That I Found Love
The JAC with Maria Sokratis – Jackson
Sparklejet – Northern Land
Jason How – If I Could Be President
Alison Faith Levy – The Start Of Things
Jet Electro – I Blame You
Yorktown Lads – Sick Of Me

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #687 – 6/6/2015

Iggy Pop – Home
Jason How – Geraldine
DC Cardwell – Tom Is Everybody’s Friend
Maxi Dunn – The Neglected Gambit
Bud Rogers – Pictures Of A Modern World (acoustic)
Eric Peter Schwartz – Hot Liquor
Deborah Gee – Naked
Duncan Faure – Collider
The Chandler Travis Three-O – Air, Running Backwards
Bart Mendoza & True Stories – Blue Chair
Pacific Soul Ltd. – Blue Summertime
R.E.M. – Electrolite
Laurie Biagini – A Face In The Crowd
Felsen – Lay Kenneth Lay
The Taters – Never Call Me Here (live)
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Sun Up
Lannie Flowers – Give Me A Chance
The Corner Laughers – Go Fly Your Kite
Jet Electro – I’m Not Easy
The JAC – Persistent Man
Gail George – On The Avenue
The Welcome Matt – Get Shameless
Bellygunner – Negative Kid
Jason Berk – (One Eye On) Rockville
Arrice Rose & The …’s – Oh The Day (Then The Night)
The Rubinoos – Party Insurance

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