Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #556 – 7/28/2012: Interview with Joe Symes and Colin White of Joe Symes & the Loving Kind!

Maxi Dunn – Dragonfly (world debut)
The Lemonheads – If I Could Talk I’d Tell You
Debora Iyall – A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)
Ben Swidenbank – Girl (Leave That Animal Tonight)
Marty Rudnick – Julie
Last Breath – Been Down This Road
Joe Symes/Colin White Interview
Joe Symes & the Loving Kind – Where Do I Belong?
Joe Symes & the Loving Kind – A World Out Your Window
Joe Symes & the Loving Kind – Where Did We Go Wrong?
Sue Leonard – I Will Never Stop Loving You (world debut)
Tumbleweed Wanderers – Take It Back
Skip Heller – Falling For You
Laurie Biagini – My Little SUV
Peter Mayer – The Marrying Kind
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Send The Band To Liverpool
Nushu – Precious To Me
Sparklejet – The World Before Longitude
The Corner Laughers – Bells Of El Camino
Poplord – Flower Bomb
Abra Moore – Four Leaf Clover
Natalie Cortez & the Ultraviolets – Only Lonely Thing
Lindy LaFontaine – Alizee
Nelson Bragg – She Used To Love Me
The Big I Am – Right About Now


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #555 – 7/21/2012: Interview with Throwback Suburbia!

David Houston & String Theory – Everybody Knows But You
Nelson Bragg – I’m In No Mood
Maxi Dunn – Watching The Stars
Swidenbank – Coming Up For Air
Colin Heppell – Poltergeist In High Heels
Penelope Houston – Harry Dean
Throwback Suburbia Interview
Throwback Suburbia – Give And Take
Throwback Suburbia – Setting Sun
Throwback Suburbia – Sinking Feeling
A Band Called Mithras – Call Out The Captain
The JAC – Truly Julie and Terry
The Handcuffs – Baby I Love You
The Corner Laughers – Chicken Bingo
The Taters – Spend A Little Time With Me
Anton Barbeau – MTV Song
Smashing Pumpkins – Rocket
The Dashing Suns – Sally Moore
Volary – Blackbird Fly
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Clever Things
Laurie Biagini – A Face In The Crowd
Jet Electro – Buckle Up
Duncan Faure – Where Is The Music
Vegas With Randolph – Summertime
Felsen – Mary You Could Be Happy
Sexfresh – Dilemma

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #554 – 7/14/2012: Adam Waltemire (Pop Garden Radio) interview; Rich Samuels and Greg Baldwin visit!

Dada – Gogo
A Band Called Mithras – I Know What I Know
The Big I Am – Banging On The Wall
Bud Rogers – Slave To Passion
Maxi Dunn – Make It Better
Pete Into Orbit – Troubling Me
Skip Heller – Valley Blues #2
Adam Waltemire Interview
Brittney Bouchard – Save Me
Ken Simpson – Feeling So Much Better
Nushu – Happy Hour
Nelson Bragg – Welcome To Nowhereville
John York – Together At The Time
Throwback Suburbia – Caroline
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Forestiere Gardens
The Corner Laughers – (Now That I Have You) I’m Bored
The Handcuffs – This Is A Test
Laurie Biagini – Shades Of Green
Dave Stephens – Nobody Loves You
Runway 27, Left – Clean Slate
Lindy LaFontaine – Sunday
Lannie Flowers – Circles
Urge Overkill – The Break
Sparklejet – The World Before Longitude

Twirl Radio presents: Skip Heller/Claire Costa, David Houston/String Theory, and special guest Sal Valentino! 9:00 p.m. Pacific, Saturday, June 30, 2012!

Update: here is the podcast from that magical night of music. Enjoy!
Skip Heller/Claire Costa, David Houston/String Theory, Sal Valentino show, Luna’s Cafe, Sacramento, CA (6/30/2012) (length: 1:41:51)

Today on Twirl Radio, we’re going to have another live “Twirl Radio Presents” session! This will be the on-air “after party” for the regular Twirl Radio show.

What do I mean? Well, we will be doing a regular radio show today, featuring some of the finest indie and well known, but quirky, music available. But afterwards, we’ll be broadcasting live from Luna’s Cafe, in downtown Sacramento. The bill reads like this: Skip Heller and Claire Costa, who are no strangers to my listeners. They’ll be playing a set of Skip’s great Americana and country catalog, and featuring Claire’s wonderful vocals.

Then–David Houston and String Theory. David’s been making great music here in Sacramento for longer than a lot of us can remember. He’s masterful on both sides of the board–if he isn’t singing, writing, or playing, then he’s helping somebody else make their perfect record. Accompanied by a 4 piece string quartet (the best quartets usually have 4 members!), he holds court at Luna’s on the last Saturday of every month.

Sal ValentinoBut wait–there’s more! Sacramento is home to a legendary pop star who got his start way back in the 1960’s in the Beau Brummels. I’m referring to none other than the legendary Sal Valentino! Oh yeah–you know him, you love him. He released a wonderfully romantic and great-sounding album a couple of years ago entitled Dreamin’ Man. And Sal’s going to join the show tonight. This is a rare opportunity to hear this great artist live, so get yourself down to Luna’s if you’re in Sacramento, or get yourself right here to Twirl Radio tonight at 9:00 p.m. Pacific, if you’re not able to go to the show. We’ll have a great time!

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