Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #541 – 3/31/2012: Special musical guests Skip Heller & Claire Costa!

The Scratch – Teen Idol
Maxi Dunn – Rescue Me
Vegas With Randolph – Open Roads
Bud Rogers – Slave To Passion
Ben Swidenbank – Girl (Leave That Animal Tonight)
Laurie Biagini – Two Of A Kind
Duncan Faure – Where Is The Music
Skip Heller/Jim Cavender – I Hate You
Skip Heller/Claire Costa Interview/Session
Skip Heller/Claire Costa – Tonight You Belong To Me (Live)
Skip Heller/Claire Costa – Fool Such As I (Live)
Skip Heller/Claire Costa – California Blues (Live)
The Corner Laughers – The Perfect Weather
Strange Arithmetic – Extra Crazy With Stupid On Top
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Clever Things
Horace Heller – Ed’s Place
Terry Adams – A Girl Who Loves The Stooges
Al Perry – Always A Pleasure
Anton Barbeau – MTV Song
Lindy LaFontaine – Alizee
Jet Electro – For Sale By Owner
Claire Costa – Boudreaux
The Listing Ship – Sad State Of Confusion
The Beatles – The Night Before


Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #540 – 3/24/2012: Corner Laughers radio premieres!

The Corner Laughers – Now That I Have You I’m Bored
Baby Scream – The Last Call
Bill Mumy – I Owe A Little Money
Nushu – Precious To Me
Maxi Dunn – Tangled Tree
The K’s – Eliza Lynn (Saloon Version)
M.A.D.I.S.O.N. – Where Are You
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Here Comes The Bus
The Corner Laughers – 8:18
Peter Daltrey & Damien Youth – Blue Girl Eyes
Starr Saunders – All You Can Do Is Love
Robyn Hitchcock – The Wind Cries Mary
Throwback Suburbia – Caroline
Skip Heller – The Man I Used To Be
The High Numbers (The Who) – Leaving Here
The Corner Laughers – Laughing Stars
A Band Called Mithras – I Know What I Know
Laurie Biagini – My Little SUV
The Beatles – One After 909
Mad Mush – Silent Snowfall
Bud Rogers – Caught In A Wheel
Maple Mars – Borrowed Sunshine
The Corner Laughers – The Perfect Weather
The Whiskey Saints – Eastbound
Vegas With Randolph – Supergirl
Sarah Stanley – When I Lose My Heart
Lindy LaFontaine – Harmonics
Poplord – Flower Bomb
Three Minute Tease – Love Is Onion

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #539 – 3/17/2012: Laurie Biagini Interview!

Sparklejet – The World Before Longitude
Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News
Bud Rogers – Caught In A Wheel
Maxi Dunn – Make It Better
Anton Barbeau – MTV Song
Nushu – They Don’t Know
M.A.D.I.S.O.N. – Where Are You
Laurie Biagini Interview
Laurie Biagini – The Heart of the Song
Laurie Biagini – The California Quake (live)
Laurie Biagini – A Go-Go Girl in a Modern World
Skip Heller – Fools Like Me
Braam – Way Away
Jet Electro – 100 Girls
The Corner Laughers – For The Sake Of The Cat
Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden
Frank Black – Two Reelers
Throwback Suburbia – Get Her Off My Mind
Vegas With Randolph – She Does It For Me
Sexfresh – Dilemma
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Clever Things
Duncan Faure – Wouldn’t It Be Good
Webb Wilder – Hittin’ Where It Hurts
Lindy LaFontaine – This Too, In Time, Shall Pass
Maple Mars – Add The Numbers

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #538 – 3/10/2012

Laurie Larson – Endless Thank You Loop
Maxi Dunn – Always Be My Friend
Vegas With Randolph – The Better Part
The Whiskey Saints – Every Little Thing
Baby Scream – Bad Seed
Skip Heller – The Way I Feel
Emily Zuzik Band – Outside
Kaz Murphy – Waitin’ On Elvis
Anton Barbeau – Banana Song (Three Minute Tease w/Scott Miller)
Jet Electro – For Sale By Owner
Belly – Red
Robyn Hitchcock – Mexican God
Bud Rogers – Santa Monica Sunshine
Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen – Mass Transmissions
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets – Only A Friend
Popdudes – Neglected
Candyskins – Submarine Song
The Big I Am – Tongue Tied
Danielle Howle and the Tantrums – Big Puffy Girl Handwriting
Maple Mars – Big Imagination
Laurie Biagini – The Invisible Guy
Los Lobos – Saint Behind The Glass
Blake Jones and the Trike Shop – Everybody’s Got An Andy Story
Lindy LaFontaine – Haunted
The Corner Laughers – Stonewords
Throwback Suburbia – Sinking Feeling
Roxy Music – Virginia Plain

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #537 – 3/3/2012

Baby Scream – The Last Call
The Well Wishers – Escape The Light
Emily Zuzik – This Time Around
Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Next Time Round
M.A.D.I.S.O.N. – Fairytale
Maxi Dunn – Make It Better
Jointpop – Monday Morning Love Situation
Cowboy Junkies – A Common Disaster
Rob Swanson/Dennis Holseybrook – Rust
Poplord – Flower Bomb
Joe Swidenbank – It’s Different For Girls
Liz Phair – 6’1”
Duncan Faure – Man Of A Thousand Dreams
Dead Heart Bloom – Sentimental Cures
Skip Heller – Let’s Stay Home
Lannie Flowers – Turn Up Your Radio
Laurie Biagini – Rainy Day At The Beach
Peter Mayer – The Marrying Kind
Anton Barbeau – MTV Song
Vegas With Randolph – Above The Blue
The Corner Laughers – Space Echo
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Sun Up (Unplugged)
The Handcuffs – This Is A Test
Glen Campbell – Galveston
Lindy LaFontaine – Alizee
Bill Mumy – Chariots Comin’
Braam – St. Bank of Cheyenne
Throwback Suburbia – Caroline
Beth Thornley – A to Z

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