Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #592 – 4/27/2013: Duncan Faure interview!

Carla Olson – Keep Searchin’ (with Peter Case)
Hot Nun – Brave New World
Runway 27, Left – Clean Slate
Maxi Dunn – Meteor Shower
Bay City Rollers – Turn On The Radio
Sound Sessions – Baby’s Just An Avatar
Duncan Faure Interview –
La Fleur Fatale – How Long Is Too Long
Duncan Faure – Nightfall
Duncan Faure – Dad’s Town
Bud Rogers – Santa Monica Sunshine
Laurie Biagini – Bambuzled
Lou Rawls – A Natural Man
Tom Alford – Wasp Lands On Sunflower
The Corner Laughers – 8:18
Lannie Flowers – Dance With Me
Rich McCulley – The Grand Design
The Taters – Smoke On Rt 66
Sue Leonard – Who Wrote This Book On Love
Jimmy Catlett – Spring Is Coming On
Willie Wisely Trio – Everybody Fears The Lord
The JAC – I Am A Rock
honeychain – Easy To Forget
The Bottle Kids – Yes You Can
Anton Barbeau – MTV Song


Podcast from Twirl Radio Presents #1 now available!

Twirl Radio Presents #1 (4/17/2013) (length 1:18:46)

Twirl Radio Presents flyer-page001

The podcast from the first-ever live Twirl Radio Presents show is now available! This epic show happened on April 17, 2013, at 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco, and the legendary Debora Iyall, of Romeo Void fame, headlined as part of Debora Iyall Group (DIG). They absolutely killed it, with their guitar/ sax/ keyboard attack, and Debora’s vocals in perhaps the best form of her career.

The Corner Laughers, a marvelous pop band from San Francisco, closed out the show with their ukulele/guitar based sound. Sweet vocals from Karla Kane delivering well-crafted clever lyrics over upbeat melodies left the audience literally begging for more.

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop came the farthest to be at this show, representing their hometown of Fresno with a fun, quirky, masterful set. Not only did they rock, Blake’s two songs played on theremin wowed the crowd.

Hometown heroes Felsen, at least Andrew Griffin and Cristian Hernandez, delivered a definitive opening set of acoustic renditions of their rockers. They set a high standard for the evening.

And truth in advertising was never truthier than The Bay Area Brit, aka Matty Stone, who was genuinely born in Great Britain, and genuinely lives in the Bay Area. His humo(u)rous musings about funny and crazy people from both sides of the “pond” delighted the audience.

Enjoy this taste of Twirl Radio Presents. 1 hour 18 minutes of great live entertainment. And stay tuned–we will be doing this again soon!

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #591 – 4/20/2013: Special guest DJ Maxi Dunn!

Maxi Dunn – Change The Record
Japan – Visions Of China
Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting
Black – Everything’s Coming Up Roses
Sam Phillips – Cruel Inventions
Jellyfish – New Mistake
Aimee Mann – Could’ve Been Anyone
Duran Duran – What Happens Tomorrow
The Scratch – Homely Crackle
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Clever Things
The JAC – Record Store
Duncan Faure – Man Of A Thousand Dreams
Bud Rogers – Caught In A Wheel
The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau – Rocks Off
Poplord – Flower Bomb
Laurie Biagini – A Far-Out Place
Sparklejet – The Comeback
Eytan Mirsky – Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
The Corner Laughers – The Perfect Weather
Vegas With Randolph – Be The One
Felsen – Self Medicate
Romeo Void – Never Say Never

Twirl Radio Presents

Twirl Radio Presents flyer-page001

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #590 – 4/13/2013: Liz Barton interview/performance!

The Handcuffs – Wonderful Life
Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
Ben Swidenbank – Girl (Leave That Animal Tonight)
Maxi Dunn – I’m Only Here Because Of You
La Fleur Fatale – How Long Is Too Long
Popdudes – Magnet And Steel
The Bottle Kids – Yes You Can
Laurie Biagini – Monkey Business
Vegas With Randolph – Cool Change
Lindy LaFontaine – Harmonics
Liz Barton interview/performance Part 1
The Taters – Merrick Lines
Willie Wisely Trio – True
Jet Electro – Buckle Up
Liz Barton interview/performance Part 2
Felsen – Lay Kenneth Lay
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Forestiere Gardens
The Corner Laughers – Chicken Bingo
Debora Iyall – Be My Last
Jack And The Beanstalk – She Drives A Volvo
Faraway Brothers – Semi-Hollow
A Band Called Mithras – The Wayback Machine

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #589 – 4/6/2013: Hillary Burton interview!

Hillary Burton interview
honeychain – Lucky One
honeychain – Two Fools
honeychain – Easy To Forget
Maxi Dunn – Change The Record
The Popdogs – High Time
Last Breath – Been Down This Road
Hot Nun – Who Do You Love
Sue Leonard – Who Wrote This Book On Love
Swidenbank – It’s Different For Girls
Kevin Seconds – Masterpiece Unfinished
Jet Electro – Big Sister
El Protecto – Cherry Bomb
The Corner Laughers – (Now That I Have You I’m) Bored
Kat Jones – Those Expensive Eyes
Throwback Suburbia – Sinking Feeling
Laurie Biagini – The California Quake
The JAC – Persistent Man
Felsen – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Today
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Clever Things
Vegas With Randolph – Some Time To Live
Duncan Faure – Where Is The Music
Jeff Powers – I Miss My Ball And Chain
Elvis Costello – Daddy Can I Turn This?
The Taters – New Girlfriend
Mary Lee’s Corvette – More Stupider

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