Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #456 – 6/26/2010: Vegas With Randolph interview, and Taters/Janie Bowen tribute!

Mary Lee’s Corvette – More Stupider
The Corner Laughers – For The Sake Of The Cat
Adrian Bourgeois – Silk From Ashes
Paul McCartney – If You Wanna
Benson Klemme – Captain Moonlight
Maxi Dunn – Always Be My Friend
Interview with Eric and John of Vegas With Randolph
Vegas With Randolph – Some Time To Live
Vegas With Randolph – Above The Blue
Vegas With Randolph – The Better Part
Freedy Johnston – Love Grows
Jimmy Catlett – The Big Beat
Laurie Larson – Endless Thank You Loop
Nick Lowe – All Men Are Liars
Beth Thornley – A to Z
The Clutter Family – Artist In The Office
Jointpop – Please Don’t Tell My Inlaws…I’m An Outlaw
Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mine
The Taters – Roger Miller Medley (live)
The Taters – Easy Way Out (live)
Laurie Biagini – Leave Me Alone
Maple Mars – Borrowed Sunshine
June And The Exit Wounds – Where I’m Taken
Kate Burkart – Cross The Street
Joey Oskys – Within


Today on Twirl–Vegas With Randolph interview, and Taters/Janie Bowen tribute!

Kind of a big, fun show today. I had the chance to chat with Eric Kern and John Ratts of the Washington D.C.-based band Vegas With Randolph. We’ll hear three tracks from their forthcoming release, and we’ll find out what drives their music.

A couple of weeks ago, we were saddened to learn of the passing of Janie Bowen, of Richmond, Virginia–a huge Taters and music fan. Back in February, Janie was kind enough to offer up her Zebra Room to us for the Coast to Coast CD Release Party for The Taters album, Menagerie. We’ll hear a little bit of that party/performance/broadcast on today’s show.

Oh yeah–last weekend, I was in legendary (that’s radio-speak for “infamous”) Berkeley, California, hunting for CD’s at some of their world-class used CD shops. We’ll hear a couple of gems that I unearthed during that expedition.

Enjoy the show, and think of Janie as you listen to this one. It airs 4-6pm,

Twirl Radio is on YouTube!

Yesterday was a pretty big day for my radio show. My friends Rich Samuels and Greg Baldwin of worldaccordingtorich, an emerging YouTube channel, documented a day in the life of Twirl Radio. We had musical guests Mark Bacino on the phone, and Adrian Bourgeois and Ricky Berger live in the studio!

Now you too can jump into the world of social media. Follow the link, and see what Twirl Radio looks like on the air. Then subscribe to the worldaccordingtorich channel, for some funny, pertinent, and impertinent video enjoyment! While you’re here, you might also consider subscribing to–I’ll send you blog and playlist updates.

Here’s the link–enjoy the show!

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #455 – 6/12/2010

Ricky Berger and Adrian Bourgeois

Ricky Berger and Adrian Bourgeois perform live in the Twirl studios, 6/12/2010.

Today’s show was an incredible live experience. We had a telephone interview with New York City singer/songwriter Mark Bacino, and talked about his new album Queens English. We had an in-studio interview/session with Sacramento singer/songwriters Adrian Bourgeois and Ricky Berger, who just wrapped up an incredible two month cross-country tour. They performed three of their songs live for us on the air today. And finally, Rich Samuels, of the You Tube channel worldaccordingtorich and former California write-in gubernatorial candidate Greg Baldwin were there to film and document the whole
experience. Here’s the playlist:

The Whigs – Production City
Nushu – Here’s To Feeling Free
Maxi Dunn – How Was I To Know?
Jeff Merchant – Love Yourself Away
The Ramones – Rockaway Beach
Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion

Mark Bacino Interview
Mark Bacino – Downtown Girl
Mark Bacino – Queens English
Mark Bacino – Happy
Mark Bacino – Bridge & Tunnel
Mojo Filter – Chameleon
Chris Isaak – Forever Young
Kate Burkart – Cross The Street
The Taters – Such A Good Day
Soundserif – John Titor
Suzanne Vega – As Girls Go
The Corner Laughers – For The Sake Of The Cat

Adrian Bourgeois/Ricky Berger Interview/Session
Adrian Bourgeois/Ricky Berger – Stingy
Adrian Bourgeois/Ricky Berger – Parachutes
Adrian Bourgeois/Ricky Berger – If

Big radio/video/live session/phone interview show today on Twirl!

Opportunities abound. Today’s Twirl Radio is going to be the biggest show I’ve had in a while. What do we have going on?

Well, let’s take it from the top. We’ll have a live phone interview with New York City singer/songwriter Mark Bacino, who just released a magnificent album called Queens English. We’ll find out what the name means, and hear some tracks.

A couple of up-and-coming Sacramento musicians, Adrian Bourgeois and Ricky Berger are going to be visiting us in the studio. They’ve just completed a three month long driving tour across the United States. I’ll bet you’re curious to see how many miles they’ve logged on the tour van. We’ll chat with them, and hear some of their latest music as well.

Former California gubernatorial write-in candidate Greg Baldwin, a longtime friend of Twirl Radio, will also be in the house. We might even coax some punditry out of him today.

And did I mention that a multiple Emmy Award winning television producer and his crew will be documenting all of today’s activities? Rich Samuels, from worldaccordingtorich (just search for this on YouTube, and subscribe to it), has been strongarmed into asked if he could make Twirl the subject of one of his Vlogs. Who am I to say no?

Join us today, Saturday, from 4-6pm Pacific, at It should be a lot of fun!

Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #454 – 6/5/2010

The Golden Palominos – Wild River
Maxi Dunn – Weather Warning
Winzenried – Sesame Street
Joey Oskys – Better Days Remix
Material Issue – When I Get This Way (Over You)
Cult of Wedge – Highway To Hell
Kate Burkart – The High Road
The Clutter Family – Rendering Vat
The Big I Am – Tongue Tied
Whiskeytown – Yesterday’s News
The Corner Laughers – Stonewords
Joe Swidenbank – Coming Up For Air
Elton John – Grow Some Funk Of Your Own
Mark Bacino – Who Are Yous?
Juliana Hatfield – Everybody Loves Me But You
Soundserif – Brianadams
The Taters – Walking in the Sunshine
Maple Mars – Borrowed Sunshine
The Beatles – One After 909
Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen – Mass Transmissions
Hayseed Dixie – T.N.T.
The Handcuffs – Mickey 66
Sex 66 – I Dreamed I Was A Dragster
Vegas With Randolph – Got To Have Your Love
Vegas With Randolph – All The While
Allyson Seconds – Bag Of Kittens
Veruca Salt – Seether
Laurie Biagini – Gonna Do It My Way
Tom Alford – Look To The Stars

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