Tuesday Night Diner Show #7: Laughing in the Corner

This is from a series of blogs I wrote when I was part of Recharged Radio, based in London, UK. I did the radio show called The Tuesday Night Diner. It later changed to The California Diner. I was known as “Chef Mike”. This article was originally posted 1/19/2010.

So here it is. The first ever band interview here on Tuesday Night Diner. I went all the way out to beautiful California to meet the Corner Laughers. Oh wait—I live in California—so I guess the journey to the Golden State is not that impressive. But you want to talk impressive—let’s talk about the Corner Laughers.

I caught up with Karla, Angela, Khoi, Charlie, and the Fifth Laugher, KC Bowman, at a Starbucks in Midtown Sacramento on a recent Saturday night. I hadn’t met this upbeat pop-alternative band before, and where did I find them? In the corner, of course! We killed some time and some coffee in anticipation of their first ever Sacramento gig, opening for the legendary Sacramento/UK (sound familiar?) singer-songwriter Anton Barbeau.

We overcame such obstacles as loud baristas and their even louder coffee grinding machines, to bring you this one of a kind, hard-hitting, in the trenches look at life on the road for the Corner Laughers. Okay, truth be known, it’s only about a 90 minute drive from their hometown of San Francisco to Sacramento, and they all seemed to get along pretty well, so there’s really no controversy there. But it was really great to find out what makes them tick, and how they survived the transition from a shy studio recording act to a live, International Pop Overthrow sensation. We’ll also hear about how they signed to John Wesley Harding’s Popover Corps label. But don’t worry—the creamy filling of this conversation is held together by two crisp songs off of their recent release, Ultraviolet Garden.

This is also the show where we start bestowing honorary California citizenships on two lucky, or at least attentive, listeners. That’s right—you too can become an honorary California citizen. Just drop me a line at mike(at)rechargedradio.com, and I can make it happen. You’ll receive a beautifully handcrafted PDF file certificate, delivered via express email, right to the inbox of your choosing. You’ll hear these two get their awards on the show—and you should join them too!

There will be tons of other great music as well. Join us for all the fun on Tuesday night, 8-10pm GMT (12-2 pm Pacific) at http://www.rechargedradio.com. We’ll be waiting for you in the chatroom, so don’t be late!


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