Tuesday Night Diner Show #9: Snow In The South and Stomach Flu Too

This is from a series of blogs I wrote when I was part of Recharged Radio, based in London, UK. I did the radio show called The Tuesday Night Diner. It later changed to The California Diner. I was known as “Chef Mike”. This article was originally posted 2/2/2010.

More than a foot of snow in Richmond, Virginia. Stomach flu. What do these (hopefully) unrelated conditions have in common? Well, they can both keep you at home.

What’s that crazy DJ from California talking about this time? Well, last Saturday, as I stayed home with the stomach flu, my friends in Virginia, decidedly in the southern part of the US, got socked in by 14” of snow. That’s the part of the country that’s not supposed to get winter weather. I was supposed to do an on air CD release party with my friends The Taters, but it got scrubbed due to both reasons, although the folks in Richmond are heartier than I am. They would have come out in the snow, but alas, I didn’t come to my radio studio here in California with my little flu thing.

How does that all affect you? Well, in this week’s Tuesday Night Diner, we’ll have a great track from The Taters. Picture ELO gone Americana, and you’ll get the idea. And I planned this playlist while in the throes of the flu. The ravings of a madman? Perhaps, but I think you’ll find some method here. A rockin’ new track from Chariots of Tuna—this keyboard-driven band breaks out the guitar, and goes berserk on my show. Karim Fanous with our Track of the Week—as announced on the Friday Forum. And a spooky, lush track from Kat Jones that will absolutely send shivers up your already chilled spine—but makes you want more. Now that’s a song! And finally—a listener request from Colorado.

One more thing—if you want to find out who were some of my favorite artists, songs, and albums for the year 2009, before I joined Recharged Radio, you might want to check out my other radio show, Twirl Radio. This coming Saturday, February 6th is the annual Twirlie Awards—4-6pm Pacific, at http://www.twirlradio.com. And lots of that great music is featured on my Tuesday Night Diner show, including this week’s episode. See you there-8-10pm Tuesday!


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