Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #865 – 3/9/2019

In this still-young year of 2019, I’ve done about a dozen radio interviews. That’s a pretty breakneck pace, so I thought I’d take a bit of a breather this week and not schedule any interviews. Operative word being “schedule”. More on that in a bit.

This was a great chance to roll out some more new music to you. I played a great new Bobbleheads track–the San Francisco band is about to release their new album, and it is a good one. New vintage music (oxymoron time?) from Jeremy Morris and from Malory. Brand new music from the Big Stir Records label, in the form of The Living Dolls and In Deed. And finally, another track from the great new Lost Leaders album, a band which features Byron Isaacs, whose solo record was a highlight of my shows last year.

Radio colleague Dee McCoy

Toward the end of the show, my friend and radio colleague, Dee McCoy, finished up her show production in the studio next to mine, and popped in for a visit, which totally brightened up my day. Just as I thought I’d spend the entire two hours locked in a radio booth, talking to myself, Dee came in for a quick on air chat. Check out her show–she’s on Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time, on KUBU 96.5 FM in Sacramento. It’s a great way to brighten up your day as well.

But before that–give a listen to my show, and explore the new and recent musical offerings.

Artist | Track | Album
The Bobbleheads | I Really See You | Myths And Fables
Librarians With Hickeys | Until There Was You | Single release
Jeremy | I Am A Child | Emerald Vision
The Apples In Stereo | Tidal Wave | Fun Trick Noisemaker
Maxi Dunn | I Mean That | Welcome To Soonville
Plasticsoul | Therapy | Therapy
Rachel Taylor Brown | Up You | Run Tiny Human
Malory | Just Be | Just Like A Daydream
Cliff Hillis | Rainy Days And Mondays | White Lace And Promises: The Songs of Paul Williams
The Click Beetles | Tell Me How You Feel | Wake Up To Music!
Aimee Mann | I Can’t Help You Anymore | The Forgotten Arm
Sunshine Boys | John Cage | Blue Music
Hot Nun | Big Fat No | Born To Blaze
Emily Zuzik | The Biggest Mistake | Detours
Felsen | Self Medicate | Accidental Drowning
Duncan Faure | Man Of A Thousand Dreams | Pronounced “Four-Uh”
The Living Dolls | Everything That Happened | Single release
Lost Leaders | All That I Want | Promises Promises
Banjo Bones | Dangerous Game | Ghostly Musings From The Delta
Wilkerson | Carry The One | Wilkerson

Visit with Dee McCoy

Lisa Said | In Retrospect | No Turn Left Behind
Elk City | Sparrow | Everybody’s Insecure
In Deed | Marry Myself | Single release
Lannie Flowers | Day Glow | Single release
Lisa Mychols | Into Oblivion | Sugar
Daniel Trigger | Running Into The Wind | Right Turn
Pete’s Copter | Magic Circle | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Krista D | Land Mine | Look At Me I’m Krista D


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