Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #811 – 1/27/2018: Charlie Crabtree & William Cleere interview/show takeover!

William Cleere and Charlie Crabtree in the Twirl studios

As we enter Year 21 of the Twirl Radio era, I knew we had to kick it off with a fun show. My two guests, Charlie Crabtree and Bill Cleere, were the right men for the job. Both are musicians on Allen Clapp’s great Mystery Lawn Music label, from the San Francisco Bay Area. Charlie is best known as the drummer for The Corner Laughers, and Bill’s band is William Cleere And The Marvellous Fellas. But don’t let that neat compartmentalization fool you–they’ve both played in the many recombinant bands in the Mystery Lawn family. (Makes me kind of jealous–I need to learn an instrument, or how to sing and write songs, so I can get in on this fun!)

So about three years ago, Charlie moved to Sacramento, and we decided that we need to get together sometime. Then his lifelong friend Bill moved to Sacramento, and the three of us decided that we REALLY need to get together sometime. Turns out, “sometime” was January 27, 2018, and we had a blast on the radio. I knew that there would be laughs, music, and talk of food, and I was not disappointed. We did indeed chat about everything, in an epic 1-1/2 hour conversation, punctuated by music. Which version of AC/DC is better? What food doesn’t Bill like? What’s Charlie’s favorite song on Matilda Effect? What would the world have been like if KC Bowman had impersonated Michael McDonald’s vocal style on Agony Aunts “You’re So Vague”, rather than the Bill Cleere-Allen Clapp duet? We went over all of these pressing issues, and for those who didn’t catch the show live, you can hear it all on the replay.

Everything you need to know about all the bands on Mystery Lawn can be found right here:

Artist | Track | Album
Chris Church | Fall Into Me | Limitations Of Source Tape
The Bottle Kids | Back When We Were Young | Let Me In On This Action
Maxi Dunn | Always Be My Friend | Welcome To Soonville
Duncan Faure | In The Right Place | Anthology
Cootes Paradise | It’s True | Cootes Paradise
Felsen | White Denim Jeans | Blood Orange Moon
Lannie Flowers | I Didn’t Know | LIVE in NYC

Charlie Crabtree & William Cleere segment
Agony Aunts | You’re So Vague | Big Cinnamon
The Brokenhearts | Change | Single release
William Cleere And The Marvellous Fellas | Soul | William Cleere And The Marvellous Fellas
Allen Clapp And His Orchestra | If The Wind Is Right | Mixed Greens
The Corner Laughers | Queen Of The Meadow | Matilda Effect
The Bye Bye Blackbirds | Duet | Take Out The Poison
The Bye Bye Blackbirds | Wasted | Take Out The Poison
The Orange Peels | Grey Holiday | Sun Moon


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