2014 Twirlie Award Winners (Show #625 – February 1, 2014)

Here is the complete list of 2014 Twirlie Award Winners, presented live on Twirl Radio, Saturday, February 1, 2014, in Sacramento, California. Congratulations to all, and more importantly, a big thank you to all the great independent musicians who make it possible for me to do this radio show.

The 2014 Twirlie Awards Show (2/1/2014) (length 1:58:28)

Album of the Year
Felsen, for their album I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore

Album of the Year Runner up
Richard X. Heyman, for his album X

Song of the Year
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop, for their song The Girl In The Camera Obscura

Song of the Year Runner up
The Orange Peels, for their song Grey Holiday

Female Vocalist of the Year
Lisa Mychols

Male Vocalist of the Year
Victor Sotelo of Sparklejet

EP of the Year
honeychain, for their EP Futura

Ear Candy
The Taters, for their album Taters Party
The Ear Candy Award is given to an album that is a “go-to” album. You can pick any song, and it sounds great in any set of music, at any time.

Best Debut Album
Joe Symes and the Loving Kind, for their album Joe Symes and the Loving Kind

Best Songwriting
Chuck Prophet, for his album Temple Beautiful

Best Interview, phone
Chandler Travis, 6/8/2013

Best Interview, in-person
Joe Algeri, 8/3/2013

Best Live Session
Two way tie:
Melissa Phillips and James DePrato, 7/27/2013
Craig Daniel (Poplord/Jet Electro), Fresno, CA 9/7/2013

Live Show of the Year
1. The Orange Peels, Twirl Radio Presents: Berkeley, 11/16/2013
2. The Cherry Bluestorms, Rock On The Road: Orange County, 8/9/2013
3. Maple Mars, Rock On The Road: Orange County, 8/11/2013
4. Blake Jones & the Trike Shop, Twirl Radio Presents: San Francisco, 4/17/2013
5. Debora Iyall Group, Twirl Radio Presents: San Francisco, 4/17/2013
6. David Houston and String Theory, Luna’s Cafe, Sacramento, 7/27/2013

Best Rock And Roll Moment
1. Twirl Radio Presents: Launching the live series of shows throughout California.
2. Broadcasting live from Whispermaphone Studios in Fresno, CA with Blake Jones, Chelsea Jones, and Craig Daniel
3. Reaching 600th episode in June
4. 50/50 bacon burgers at Slater’s 50/50, Orange County, with Adam Waltemire, John Borack, Cathy Gale, and others

Wayback Award (aka “Please come out of Retirement Award”)
Go National
Go National was a great Sacramento band featuring Kevin and Allyson Seconds. We played their 1998 album Got My One Good Eye on you a lot on the show. Good news: they ARE reforming and will be doing a show in Sacramento this year!

Cover Song of the Year
1. KC Bowman – The Devil Went Down To Kevin
This song combines the lyrics of Charlie Daniels’ “Devil Went Down To Georgia” with the sound of Devo’s Jocko Homo
2. The Taters – Smoke On Rt 66
3. The JAC – Sin City
4. Lannie Flowers – Up All Night
5. Zombie Western Baby – Affection Rejected
6. The Bottle Kids – Guitars In The Sky
7. The Cherry Bluestorms – Wear Your Love Like Heaven
8. Popdudes – Magnet And Steel
9. La Fleur Fatale – How Long Is Too Long
10. Eytan Mirsky – Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Best Hollywood-style campaigning for a Twirlie Award
Matty Stone, The Bay Area Brit, Twirl Radio Presents performance

Most Loyal Listener
Octavia Kane
Octavia was born in November, 2013, and has listened to every new episode of Twirl Radio that has aired during her entire life, so far. Now that’s what I call good parenting, on the part of her parents Karla and Khoi!

6th Man (or whatever they call it in sports) Award
Howard Wuelfing, Howlin’ Wuelf Media
In 2013, Howard introduced a wide variety of amazing music to Twirl Radio and therefore, an appreciative audience.

Producer of the Year
Peter Hackett, for Maxi Dunn’s Edmund & Leo album

Guitar Solo of the Year
1. Peter Hackett, Meteor Shower, closing track from Edmund & Leo by Maxi Dunn
2. Jeremy, Love Explosion
3. The Bottle Kids, Guitars In The Sky

Top Albums of 2013:
1. Felsen – I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore
2. Richard X. Heyman – X
3. Maxi Dunn – Edmund & Leo
4. Chuck Prophet – Temple Beautiful
5. The Catbirds – Catbirds Say Yeah
6. Sparklejet – Phonovella
7. The Orange Peels – Sun Moon
8. Agony Aunts – Big Cinnamon
9. Lisa Mychols – Above, Beyond, and In Between
10. Vegas With Randolph – Rings Around The Sun
11. Willie Wisely Trio – True
12. The Bye Bye Blackbirds – We Need The Rain
13. The Taters – Taters Party
14. Sam Phillips – Push Any Button
15. The Cherry Bluestorms – Bad Penny Opera
16. Laurie Biagini – Sanctuary Of Sound
17. Joe Symes and the Loving Kind – Joe Symes and the Loving Kind
18. Jimmy Catlett – Parlour Songs
19. The Undecided By Default – Totally Undecided
20. Chandler Travis Three-O – This Is What Bears Sound Like Underwater

Top Songs of 2013:
1. Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – The Girl In The Camera Obscura
2. The Orange Peels – Grey Holiday
3. Maxi Dunn – Change The Record
4. Sparklejet – Somewhere Along The Way
5. Felsen – Rock And Roll’s Not Dead
6. Agony Aunts – Cool Fresh Nights
7. Vegas With Randolph – You Set The World On Fire
8. Chuck Prophet – Willie Mays Is Up At Bat
9. Richard X. Heyman – Firing Line
10. Sam Phillips – Things I Shouldn’t Have Told You
11. Jeremy – Love Explosion
12. The Bye Bye Blackbirds – All In Light
13. Lisa Mychols – Better Than Nothing
14. Cherry Bluestorms – As Above So Below
15. Willie Wisely Trio – Kiss Her And Make It Right
16. Olivia Mancini – The Strangest Things
17. Laurie Biagini – Two Of A Kind
18. The Taters – New Girlfriend
19. The Catbirds – Pajama Pants Baby
20. Deborah Crooks – Looking Down The Road
21. The Undecided By Default – Object Of My Desire
22. honeychain – Easy To Forget
23. The Bottle Kids – Yes You Can
24. Drivin N Cryin – Clean Up
25. The Popdogs – High Time

Top EPs of 2013
1. honeychain – Futura
2. Blake Jones & the Trike Shop – Teasers From The Whispermaphone
3. Drivin N Cryin – Songs From The Laundromat
4. Bud Rogers – Setting Sun
5. The JAC – Record Store

Top Debut Albums of 2013
1. Joe Symes and the Loving Kind – Joe Symes and the Loving Kind
2. Red Union Blue – Learning To Fall
3. The Undecided By Default – Totally Undecided
4. The Tuesday Club – See You Next Tuesday

Top Compilation Albums of the Year
1. Zero Hour Records – Starry Eyed: The Records Tribute
2. Pop Garden Radio – Rock On The Road, Vol. 4
3. Andrew Curry – Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock
4. Pop Garden Radio – Legacy: A Tribute To Rick Nelson


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