Radiothon for Sandy Relief–today on Twirl Radio (12/1/2012), 4-6pm Pacific

Hey friends!

Today’s the day we get together and try to do some good. Hurricane Sandy was several weeks ago, and is out of the news cycle, but the need for help remains. A good portion of the East Coast of the United States suffered through what is now being called a “superstorm”, with the Northeast–places like New York City and New Jersey–being ground zero. There are people who’ve lost everything, and are still displaced, in the most densely populated part of our country.

The good folks at Woody Radio and Pop Garden Radio, and me at Twirl Radio are pooling forces once again to raise awareness and gently encourage listeners to donate to the relief efforts. My show today, 12/1/2012, will be devoted entirely to that.

We’ll sweeten the deal. Several of the artists whom we play on the show have offered up goodies for you. If you donate $20 US or more to one of the relief charities, I can hook you up with a CD (or another fabulous prize), and I’ll mention what they are during the show. Anybody that donates to the relief efforts during today’s show will get mentioned on the air today (unless you specify that you don’t want the publicity). Even if you donate $1, that will help.

Here’s what you do:
Donate to one of the suggested charities below, or pick another one that you know of that is doing Sandy relief work. Forward to me the confirmation email, or just let me know how much you gave, and tell me what address to send your gift to. The email address to send this to is: (I’m interested in tracking how much of an impact the radiothon had.)

Here’s some donation suggestions:
Red Cross:
(Also, a really easy and high-tech way to donate $10 to the Red Cross is by texting the word “Redcross” to 90999.)

Salvation Army:

These sites also have phone numbers, in case you’d prefer to talk to somebody. And finally–a more targeted list of aid organizations can be found on the event page for this radiothon on Facebook:

Or–instead of donating money, if finances are tough–you can always raise awareness on your social media of choice. Post a link to these charities or this event on Facebook. Tweet about it. Whatever you can. Let’s show the world that we take care of our own.

Now lets go have some fun and do this thing! Today, 4-6pm Pacific,!


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