2011 Twirlie Award Winners

Here is the complete list of 2011 Twirlie Award Winners, presented live on Twirl Radio, Saturday, February 5, 2011, in Sacramento, California. Congratulations to all, and more importantly, a big thank you to all the great independent musicians who make it possible for me to do this radio show.

Album of the Year
The Corner Laughers, for their album Ultraviolet Garden

Album of the Year Runner up
Maple Mars, for their album Galaxyland

Song of the Year
Vegas With Randolph, for their song The Better Part

Female Vocalist of the Year
Lindy LaFontaine

Male Vocalist of the Year
Joey Oskys

Ear Candy
Beth Thornley, for her album Wash U Clean

Best Debut Album
Sarah Taylor, for her album The Cure To Everything

Best Songwriting
Bill Mumy, for his album Glorious In Defeat and Sarah Taylor’s album The Cure To Everything

Best Guitar Solo
Teina Anthony, for the solo in his song A Natural Life

Best Line In A Song
Dave Stephens, for his song Mr. Wonderful. The line was “Mr. Wonderful, you’re so big and tall, too bad quarterbacks only live so long…”

Best Humorous Album
The Clutter Family, for their album The Clutter Family

DJ’s Playlist Most Pilfered From
Sparky from ShockPop Radio

The Wayback Award (aka the “Please Come Out Of Retirement Award”)
June And The Exit Wounds, for their 1998 album A Little More Haven Hamilton, Please

Top Albums: (alphabetical order)
Baby Scream – Baby Scream
Mark Bacino – Queens English
Laurie Biagini – A Far-Out Place
The Corner Laughers – Ultraviolet Garden
Debora Iyall – Stay Strong
Maple Mars – Galaxyland
Bill Mumy – Glorious In Defeat
Nushu – Hula
Allyson Seconds – Bag Of Kittens
Dave Stephens – Time Will Tell
Sarah Taylor – The Cure To Everything
Beth Thornley – Wash U Clean

Top Songs: (alphabetical order)
Boomchick – TGTW
Kate Burkart – Cross The Street
Anny Celsi – Tangle-Free World
The Clutter Family – Artist In The Office
Dead Heart Bloom – Sentimental Cures
Todd Dillingham – Crimson Spires
Debora Iyall – Stay Strong
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Forestiere Gardens
Laurie Larson – All Year Long
Tina Lie – Twilight Hour
Rich McCulley – Tell Me, I’m Listening
The Scratch – Alcohol’s A Depressant
Joe Symes – Lost Along The Way
Vegas With Randolph – The Better Part
Beth Thornley – You’re So Pony

Top female vocalists you should listen for: (alphabetical order)
Laurie Biagini
Kate Burkart
Hillary Burton (Nushu)
Anny Celsi
Maxi Dunn
Lindy LaFontaine
Laurie Larson
Lisa Mychols (Nushu)
Allyson Seconds
Sarah Taylor
Beth Thornley
Emily Zuzik


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