May 2009: Twirl Radio Month of MAY-HEM Celebration

We here at Twirl Radio decided to start a new tradition this month: the Month of May-hem Celebration! This year is the first time we’ve done such a thing. So what did 2009’s May-hem consist of? Well, a different theme each week. Some of these were harder to pull off than others, but we’re almost out of the woods, so here’s a recap.

Saturday, May 2: Thrift Shop Special. My radio friend Bhim and I went on one of our now-legendary expeditions to the wilds of Berkeley, CA, to hunt for new sounds. We went to a couple of America’s finest used CD shops, which literally took hours to get through. I returned to the friendly confines of Sacramento with over 40 discs, and on this episode, played only music acquired on this trip.

Saturday, May 9: Name That Backwards Tune. Literally, as the title implies, a strange game show format. I played choruses from really well-known songs backwards, and the home audience tried to guess which tunes they were. After a few seconds, I then played the songs the right way. My takeaways: some nice songs sound creepy backwards. Some nasty songs sound hilarious backwards. Some songs sound about the same backwards and forwards. And–some songs just shouldn’t be played backwards. A great experiment!

Saturday, May 16: Pop Garden Radio visits Twirl Radio. My friend Adam Waltemire is the host of Pop Garden Radio, a great Saturday night radio show on WMEL AM 1300 in Cocoa Beach Florida. However, Adam was pre-empted by NASCAR racing and Orlando Magic playoff games for nearly a month, so I knew he was jonesing to do some radio. He was gearing up for his big six hour anniversary show the following week. His show normally airs from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern, and in the radio business–it’s an HONOR–not a pain–to put in more time on the air. Plus–I wanted to finally meet the guy!

Saturday, May 23: Memorial Day Special. On this holiday weekend, we honor our servicemen who have protected this great country of ours. On Twirl, I chose to honor a couple of American holiday weekend traditions: traveling, and eating like crazy! Hour 1: American Road Trip. We featured songs about places in the U.S. Hour 2: Memorial Day Cookout. We featured songs about food. It was incredibly easy to find songs about places in the U.S., and traveling around our country. But it was surprisingly hard to find songs about food. My challenge was to see if I could put together an hour of food-oriented songs without tapping into the vast catalog of Weird Al Yankovic. I could have easily put together an hour of food songs by Weird Al, but I wanted to do it the hard way.

Saturday, May 30: MAY I Take Your Order? I threw this one open to my friends on Facebook. I mentioned that I was having trouble deciding what theme to go with for this last show of the Month of May-hem. I got suggestions including Ska, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (Muppets), artists born in May, and music from Manchester, UK. So I just said–great–let’s do it all! A great way to wrap up a fun month of Twirl Radio. And I thank you for joining the fun!


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