Featured Artists January 2007: Boswalos

Real alternative music is back. Not grunge, not angry rap-metal. Alternative. The purveyors of this sound are Boswalos, a quartet from Canada. These guys just put out their debut album, Boswalos, and were nice enough to send me a copy in the hopes that it might catch some airplay on Twirl. Never a doubt–little did Paul Alexander (vocals/guitar), Jason Hoddinott (lead guitar), David Alexander (bass/vocals), and Dave Joyce (drums) know, but their music sounds like one of my favorite genres, and would indeed have a home on my radio show.

Boswalos is a six-song EP which reminds me of some of the best music from the early 1990’s. Kind of like what happened when you took ’80’s music, and removed the synthesizers. Soaring, atmospheric guitars, and yearning vocals. Driving riffs like in Under Black Lights and Seconds–sounding like a beacon cutting through the fog of their native Newfoundland. Syncopated drumming in Pilots. The bass gets to be front and center in sections of Credo. And these songs just sound important–like mini anthems, a la U2. My words don’t do the songs justice. Tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5 rock pretty well, with great melodies, and just have an overall feel and sound that reminds me why this genre, labeled as “alternative”, is so great.

Only two things I can find fault with. I wish that Boswalos were a long-player. These six songs are great, and I wish there were six more just like ’em. The other issue: these guys are based out of Toronto, so it may be a while before they play here in Sacramento. But this CD blew me out of the water, and serves notice that Boswalos is here, and ready to rock!


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