Twirl Radio Playlist – Show #500 – 5/7/2011: 500th Episode!

The 500th episode of Twirl was an extended, three hour show. We covered 13 years of Twirl Radio history as best we could, with three artist interviews, in-studio co-hosts Amber Alexander and Marty Anaya, and a multitude of embarrassing clips from the early years of Twirl. Thank you so much for listening!

The G-Men – Turn On The Twirl
Juliana Hatfield – Everybody Loves Me But You
Audio Clip: Twirl Show #12 – Nervous early Mike: 4/18/1998
R.E.M. – World Leader Pretend
Maxi Dunn – Spoken Greeting/Always Be My Friend
Audio Clip: Twirl Show #27 – Slightly less nervous early Mike: 8/1/1998
Vegas With Randolph – Spoken Greeting/Summertime
Skeauxsha – Spoken Greeting/Cajun Quick Train Shuffle

Taters Interview Segment
Burnt Taters – Never Call Me Here
The Taters – Such A Good Day

Melanie Perrett’s Birthday Segment
Baby Scream – Powerpop Crush
Last Breath – It’s My Time
Joey Oskys – Try

Corner Laughers – Spoken Greeting/Commonest Manifesto
Audio Clip: Old KCBL Voice show promos – Promos from shows that were on The Voice when Twirl started
Elvis Costello – This Year’s Girl
Audio Clip: Twirl Bachelor Party – Mike’s bachelor party, 9/22/2001

Funny Songs Segment
The Beat Farmers – California Kid
Sparky from ShockPop – Spoken Greeting from ShockPop Radio
Jesus H. Christ & The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse – I’m Around

Lindy LaFontaine Interview Segment
Lindy LaFontaine – Free To Breathe
Lindy LaFontaine – Low

Rob One – Spoken Greeting from 20/20 Hip Hop
Audio Clip: Twirl #50 – Fellow radio producers loudly trying to throw off Mike’s concentration: 1/23/1999
Miami Dan & the Hayes Street Band – Spoken Greeting/Star Of The Beach
Audio Clip: Twirlie Awards 1999 – With Marty Anaya: 4/10/1999
Melissa Phillips – Spoken Greeting/So Young

Lauries Born In May Segment
Laurie Biagini – Spoken Greeting/You’re A Dangerous Thing
Laurie Larson – Spoken Greeting/Corporate Chew Toy

The Twirlettes – Mike’s former backup singers!

Handcuffs Interview Segment
The Handcuffs – Wonderful Life
The Handcuffs – Miss You On Tuesday

Audio Clip: Twirlie Awards 1999 – With Marty Anaya: 4/10/1999
Nushu – Another Rainy Weekend


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